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The Bristol Wood Recycling Project was set up by  Ben Moss and Nicola Padden in the summer of 2003 – an environmental project, working with volunteers to save resources. For more information, please visit their site:

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If you haven’t heard of Daniel Tammet, here’s a little documentry on him. For those of you who find it interesting to toy with the idea of what the next step in human evolution might be like, Mr. Tammet may hold several clues…

For more information, please go to: The People’s Republic of Stokes Croft Website

Nicola Tesla – Wikipedia

The Bilderberg Group – Wikipedia

There’s got to be more to life than carbon footprints, climate change and peak oil. The new design for society many of us want shouldn’t just be better for the environment, it should be a shedload more fun into the bargain. As Emma Goldman, a hugely influential early 20th-century political philosopher and activist, once said: “If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution.”

If life doesn’t inspire me to get up and do a little Irish jig every morning before breakfast, what the hell is the point of it?

Living without money and having a great time are by no means mutually exclusive. If anything, it wasn’t until I gave up using money in November 2008 that I started to really enjoy life, not just two-sevenths of it. In hindsight, my old Groundhog Weekend was incredibly boring – mundanely going for a few drinks to the pub, a nice restaurant or to see a movie at the cinema. Worse still, spending 3.8 hours of each precious day – or an entire 11 years of my time on this planet – watching TV. Where’s the adventure in any of that?

Necessity really is the mother of invention. Instead of going for a pint, why not make your own booze? Organise a day out with friends foraging wild apples for cider – any variety will do – but the sweeter the better (Jonagolds and Red Delicious are perfect). Ideally find some windfalls, as these have natural yeasts already on them, meaning that apples are the only ingredient you’ll need. If you see any neighbours with unused apple trees, don’t be afraid to ask if you can do the work for them; you can always surprise them with a share once its made. Alternatively, grow your own hops, check out some recipes on Self-sufficientish, and forage your own flavourings (such as yarrow) before brewing your own beer.

Now you’ve got your alcohol supply, you’re going to want to party. Anyone can organise a house party, but these often just end up pissing off the neighbours. Getting them involved is a much better idea, and instead of making sworn enemies you’ll make a load of friends.

One of my favourite organisations for this are Streetsalive, who will guide you through the process of organising the mother of all street parties, and can often even help you to get your council to agree to close your road for the day.

Being moneyless in the winter can seem really unappealing to most people, I admit, but you’d have to be bonkers to at least not try it – even for a week – in the summer. Long evenings walking in the woods, camping by the beach at the weekend, cooking food al fresco that you’ve grown and picked yourself, cycling, playing – or listening to – acoustic music by a camp fire, wandering in the wilds foraging berries and nuts, skinny-dipping in the lake and sleeping under the stars.

If you like art, there are always free exhibitions in and around big towns and cities. Some even have a free bar – this doesn’t fit in with the philosophy of the Freeconomy community, however, so go easy on it. If movies are more your thing, there really is no need to go to the cinema (except to watch mindless Hollywood crap). I live near Bristol and there are constantly free films night showing online movies such as Money as Debt or Earthlings. If they aren’t happening where you live, why not organise one yourself? They’re a great way of sharing information and getting like-minded people together.

Music is my thing, so I often go along to free open-mic nights at a local venue. These events are not just great entertainment but a wonderful way to support new local talent playing acoustic music. If you are even slightly musically-gifted, work up the courage and get on stage yourself.

And instead of watching the TV, turn off the light, stick on a few beeswax candles (from local bees, of course, who haven’t been fed sugar), and fritter the hours away making love. It increases your health, will strengthen your relationship and is infinitely more pleasurable than EastEnders. If you’re single, abandon fear and ask the one you’ve got your eye on to come out for a wild food forage. Who cares if you don’t know your ramsons from your rosehips, you’ll have them exactly where you want them: in the bush.

So if you were thinking of doing something nice and comfortable this weekend, shame on you. Put your credit card away (better still, cut it up), dust off your tent, get on your bike and go and put the adventure back in your life.

• Mark Boyle is the founder of the Freeconomy Community and has lived moneyless for the last 19 months. His book, The Moneyless Man, is out now, published by Oneworld – sales from the book will go to a charitable trust for the Freeconomy Community.

Chinese lanterns, I have been told, are illegal in the UK? – Will check this out…  Nevertheless, we are increasingly seeing them rising out of the landscape, drifting across the skyline and then disappearing from sight. If you take a look on YouTube there are a few cases where people who are not familiar with them, jump to the conclusion that they are witnessing a UFO.

This in turn (regardless of whether or not they find out later that it isn’t a UFO) starts to generate dialogue about the potential existence of otherworldly craft or beings and as a result moves their conciousness to a higher state of awareness.

I think this was originally realised by Rik Clay. I will try to add a little more about this soon but for now, here’s a link to a blog that gives a good outline of the subject…

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A look at the poisonous contents of popular foods, beverages and meds and their effects on the human brain. Aspartame, fluoride, Ritalin, etc. Is our population being dumbed-down on purpose? The facts do not lie.

I remember the first time I watched this documentary. It hit me right in the chest and in turn, opened my eyes to yet another area of  ‘social programming’ by the system. Yet again we see the Divide & Conquer principle used to make us more maluable. If you are a compassionate human being, I recommend watching this documentary. Peace.

This ground-breaking documentary dissects a slanderous aspect of cinematic history that has run virtually unchallenged from the earliest days of silent film to today’s biggest Hollywood blockbusters.

Featuring acclaimed author Dr. Jack Shaheen, the film explores a long line of degrading images of Arabs–from Bedouin bandits and submissive maidens to sinister sheikhs and gun-wielding “terrorists” – along the way offering devastating insights into the origin of these stereotypic images, their development at key points in US history, and why they matter so much today.

Shaheen shows how the persistence of these images over time has served to naturalize prejudicial attitudes toward Arabs and Arab culture, in the process reinforcing a narrow view of individual Arabs and the effects of specific US domestic and international policies on their lives. By inspiring critical thinking about the social, political, and basic human consequences of leaving these Hollywood caricatures unexamined, the film challenges viewers to recognize the urgent need for counter-narratives that do justice to the diversity and humanity of Arab people and the reality and richness of Arab history and culture.

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Author of EMOTIONAL FREEDOM and the bestseller POSITIVE ENERGY, Dr. Judith Orloff, tells everyone who’s ever been labeled as “overly sensitive” how to keep your energy high, even in negative or frustrating situations. A liberating video for anyone who tend to feel exhausted by the world.

It dawned on me this afternoon that Iron Man seems to be using subconcious symbolism based on the third chackra (Solar Plexus). What is interesting too, is the paralel of a concious being inside a highly intelligent body suit that is capable of flight and other superhuman feats.

The characteristic of the third chakra also fits as it related to self asteem, a trait which the character in the film Tony Stark seems to have plenty of.

There is also a scene in the film where the antagonist removes the ‘miniturised arc reactor’ from Tony Starks chest and if you look at it symbolically, it looks identical to a flower, which is what the chakras are identified with.

Finally, the third chakra’s colour is yellow and again we see this represented in the Iron Man’s body armour. Note: before the hot-rod red is added, the suit is entirely yellow.

As this was a realisation, I don’t know if anyone else has picked up on this but I thought it was worth sharing.

Caroline Myss presents her talk on chakras…

The Truth Agenda: Making Sense of Unexplained Mysteries, Global Cover-Ups and 2012 Prophecies explores some of the most famous unexplained mysteries and global cover-ups of recent history. UFOs, the pyramids, psychic phenomena, crop circles, religious apparitions and visions of the future appear to have more connections than are being admitted to with popular conspiracy theories concerning the Moon landings, 9/11, the War on Terror and claims that the world is secretly run by a powerful ruling elite.

Leading mysteries researcher Andy Thomas pulls the many threads together in a refreshingly accessible overview, addressing the issues with a credible analysis that suggests the world we live in may indeed be very different to the manipulated picture presented by governments and the mainstream media. Many believe that a secret global cabal is anticipating some kind of huge change in 2012, based on ancient prophecies, and that it has been implementing a regime of draconian restrictions by nefarious means to ensure it retains its control throughout, an idea that may not be as far-fetched as it sounds..

For more information, please visit the website:

David Icke’s new book..

Icke is one of the very few conspiracy whistleblowers who has developed a relatively advanced spiritual awareness from which he can provide a useful context and understanding of the material he has uncovered. He always puts forward an intriguingly different way to view the world, far from what is taught in schools and “higher” education (much of which is so boring because it is just not true).

Whilst Chapters 14-19 propound new and amazing information, the rest of the book overlaps with his previous works and newsletters, refining and updating his analysis of the many facets and details of the conspiratorial nature of civilisation, as well as the physics and metaphysics underlying our reality.

Yes, much of the book reprises – in hugely believable detail, with many new facts and those reviewed from previous books – all his old themes: Illuminati hybrid bloodlines, reptilians & ETs, mind control, satanic rituals, the global political and economic machinations, secret societies, the assault on our health and ability to use higher consciousness, and much more. This is understandable, since a great deal of what Icke has predicted over the last two decades has come horribly true. He makes it easy to see through the craziness in governments at all levels – local, national and international – and to understand what is coming next (tighter and tighter controls, installed step by tiny step) and why – but this subject is available in Icke’s previous books.

His “both new and different” material is mainly sandwiched in the middle of the book. In chapters 18 and 19 in particular, Icke introduces groundbreaking information going well beyond his previous books: I was hopeful, moved, even enthralled. Icke addresses the subject of how humanity was driven out of paradise and into slavery, as well as, in the last 30 pages of the book, the initial steps of how we can start to recover what we lost. What we experience here is similar to watching a movie in that we cannot alter the experience unless what is being projected onto the screen is changed – and those who currently control our world are terrified of this possibility and of our magnificent powers, currently hidden from us by the blinders “they” have created.

Oh yes, Icke reveals hidden reality, in an admirably clear and understandable way, and also includes fascinating recent scientific research in support. This book is a big step forward, going where few (if any) have gone before, with some truly original content.

And, for ways out of our enslavement, I recommend “Freedom” by Veronica Chapman. I can also recommend Marc Stevens’ “Adventures in Legal Land”: although written by an American, most of it applies equally here – but if you watch Winston Shrout’s DVDs you will learn why Stevens usually failed in court. There are also 2 highly intelligent books by The Antiterrorist.

There is also Menard’s wonderful “With Lawful Excuse” available as an ebook for $16 from the WorldFreemanSociety, but you can first have a free look on youtube at Menard’s “Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception” to see if the book is likely to interest you. If possible, “With Lawful Excuse” is even better than his videos but I’m glad I read Chapman’s introductory book first. I also recommend that you get the “prequel”, a book also called “Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception” and costing about $5.50, also from the WorldFreemanSociety, which provides the basics needed to get to grips with “With Lawful Excuse”. Chapman’s book is about English law whereas Menard’s books refer to Canadian law but, of course, as part of the common wealth, the Canadian system is similar to that in England.

Also have a look at Google Videos & You Tube, search for Raymond St Clair, the strawman illusion, the antiterrorist, bursting bubbles, etc, etc. The videos of Raymond St Claire going into a local court and very politely distressing all the court officials on a fundamental point of law are priceless. The basis of Raymond St Claire’s challenge and the reason for their distress is not clear in the videos but IS explained towards the end of the “Freedom” book – namely that judges swear to uphold common law but they are actually sitting in a civil/statute law court where they have no power over you unless you agree (which we are always fooled into doing, because we don’t know any better). Don’t miss!

More info can be found at:

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Date: 25th July 2010


The mystery over the death of David Kelly took a further twist last night after a former KGB officer said he had evidence that the scientist did not commit suicide.

Boris Karpichkov, who worked as a Russian spy for 15 years before fleeing to Britain, has sent a dossier to Attorney General Dominic Grieve in which he claims to relay information from an ‘MI5 agent’ that Dr Kelly had been ‘exterminated’.

His move comes amid increasing calls from within the Coalition Government for a full, independent investigation into Dr Kelly’s death.

Mr Grieve has indicated that he is ‘concerned’ by the growing scepticism among experts about the official version of events.

Dr Kelly was found dead in woods near his Oxfordshire home in July 2003, after the Government exposed him as the source of a BBC report questioning Tony Blair’s case for war in Iraq.

There was no full coroner’s inquest – instead, Lord Hutton chaired a public inquiry which concluded Dr Kelly died from loss of blood after slashing his left wrist with a blunt garden pruning knife.

A number of doctors have since come forward to say that the incision could not have caused his death.

Mr Karpichkov, who sought political asylum in the UK in 1998 and now has British nationality, says he met the ‘agent’, Peter Everett, on dozens of occasions while carrying out work for Mr Everett’s company Group Global Intelligence Services, which hiredex-MI5 operatives for corporate detective work and infiltration.

In the document sent to Mr Grieve, Mr Karpichkov says that during one of their meetings, two days after

Dr Kelly’s body was found, Mr Everett told him that Dr Kelly had been ‘exterminated’ for his ‘reckless behaviour’.

Mr Karpichkov, who says that Mr Everett indicated that he was an ‘active field operative’ for MI5, writes: ‘He told me that it was extremely uncomfortable, inconsistent and unusual for Dr Kelly to slash his arm in the way he did. He would have lost some blood, but it would not have been fatal.

‘He also claimed that it was not a coincidence that Special Branch officers were the ones who first appeared on the scene – they moved Dr Kelly’s body to another location, changed the original position of his corpse and took away incriminating evidence.

‘He added that the scene where Dr Kelly’s body was found was carefully arranged and completely “washed out”, including the destruction of all fingerprints. When I asked who was behind his death, he [Mr Everett] answered indirectly, saying the “competing firm”, which I took to mean MI6.’

Last night, Mr Everett – who is believed to be in his late 50s and whose former company was registered to his home address in Dulwich, South-East London – admitted meeting Mr Karpichkov on a number of occasions, and recalled discussing the manner of Dr Kelly’s death.

He said: ‘We had a general conver­sation about the David Kelly case, in which I said that it was very unusual for him to have slashed his wrist in that way.

‘That is all I said. I do not have any particular inside knowledge on it.’

Asked whether he was a current, or former, MI5 operative, he said: ‘I am not commenting on that.’

Asked if he had carried out work on behalf of the agency, he said: ‘I have spent a number of years working in the world of intelligence.’

Associates indicated that his work on behalf of security agencies was indirect, rather than as a paid operative.

Mr Karpichkov’s testimony reflects the continuing debate in the intelligence community and associated agencies over Dr Kelly’s death.

He fled to Britain from Latvia with his wife and two sons after being accused of stealing £310,000 from a failed bank, although he claims that he was framed by the Russian mafia.

According to Latvian newspaper reports, he was recruited by the regional KGB in 1981, trained at the Secret Services School and served as a special forces operative during the war in Afghanistan.

After the Cold War, he was assigned to undercover work in Latvia.

Mr Everett’s former company, Group Global Intelligence Services, which was dissolved in 2006, normally operated in the shadows.

But in 2004, it was accused of placing six members of its staff at Manchester United’s Annual General Meeting as ‘plants’ to ask embarrassing questions about manager Sir Alex Ferguson’s transfer dealings.

At the time, Sir Alex’s business rival John Magnier was known to be hiring private eyes to investigate the United manager.

When confronted by journalists, Mr Everett said: ‘I was nothing to do with that side of the alleged operation.’

Ministers increasingly believe that the continuing speculation about Dr Kelly’s death – fanned by the fact that he emailed a friend on the morning he died to warn that there were ‘many dark actors playing games’ – will not end until a proper inquest is held.

Earlier this month, one of Dr Kelly’s close female colleagues, Mai Pedersen, wrote to Mr Grieve reiterating what she had first revealed in an interview in The Mail on Sunday in August 2008, saying that Dr Kelly had been too weak to cut his own wrist – because a hand and arm injury meant he even had trouble ‘cutting his own steak’, and he would have to have been a ‘contortionist’ to have killed himself.

She demanded a ‘formal, independent and complete’ review of the case.

Her claims are backed by 13 specialist doctors, who have compiled a dossier rejecting the Hutton conclusion on the grounds that the cut to the ulnar artery could not have caused death.

In addition, it was recently disclosed that Dr Kelly’s death certificate was not properly completed.

It was not signed by a doctor or coroner and does not state a place of death, leaving open the possibility he died somewhere other than where his body was found.

Furthermore, the pruning knife has been revealed to have had no fingerprints on it.

Campaigners are aggrieved by a mysterious decision to classify all evidence relating to the post-mortem for 70 years.

But they are encouraged by the fact that one of their most vocal supporters, Lib Dem MP Norman Baker, who has written a book questioning the Hutton verdict, is now a member of the Coalition as a Transport Minister.

A spokeswoman for Dominic Grieve said last night: ‘Mr Grieve expressed concerns about this issue when in opposition and has, since taking office as Attorney General, been exploring with ministerial colleagues any actions that may be taken.

‘No decisions have been made.’


‘It was never suicide, says Dr Kelly’s cousin as family finally breaks silence’.

Additional link: http:

Dr David Kelly’s body ‘had obviously been moved’: Paramedic at death scene reveals concerns over Hut

Source: The Mail Online
Date: 12th September 2010