‘Embrace your fears, for they open the doors to courage and reward you with the gift of peace.’

Fear can only take hold of you, when you feel you have something to lose;  your job, your house, your life! If we view the world through the eyes of love and compassion whilst being mindful of the cyclical nature of life and death, then we can take comfort in the fact that its inevitable and that while the physical body will perish, our energy, spirit or consciousness will once again return to its source.

When we shift our consciousness to a wider perspective, we see that everything is connected. There is no separation. Everything needs everything else in order to be what it is and it’s love that is the fuel of creativity and potential.

Fear dilutes and eventually denies potential and so therefore in a state of fear, you limit the options for self-expression and experience.

Embrace your fears… like bungee jumping naked in the woods with your other half!! – m