The issue of Alternative Energy is one that permeates all mainstream media but most of us have never come across the story of Orgone Energy. If there really is an energy source that we can pluck out of thin air, why aren’t we focusing all our attention on the development of this technology? After all, then we would have a world with FREE ENERGY and freestanding technology. Wireless in every sense of the word. No ‘Signal failure’ or ‘Low Battery’ warnings flashing at us.

We have the potential to create this kind of technology but what stands in our way is the power of global corporate elite. This kind of technology would put them out of business. Permanently. Bang goes their cashflow along with their illusion of power.

It’s rational to assume that if we are aware of this then so are they. We play the game of trying to expose the truth and they play the game of keeping it hidden. The internet is acting like a global conciousness, becoming aware of  new aspects such as Orgone Energy at a faster and faster rate and in turn its  fuelling our individual ambition for a more holistic way of life.