I was thinking about some of the aspects that Rik Clay covered in his interview on RedIceCreations, in particular with reference to Diana – Princess of Wales and the ‘eternal flame’. Out of nowhere came the thought of that old Bangle’s song – ‘Eternal Flame’. As usual these days, I try to immediately follow my intuition and so got onto YouTube to have a look at the video.

Right off the bat, the vid starts with a close up of the singer’s eye (all-seeing eye reference?). It then continues throughout the song to encapsulate aspects of sun salutation,  a strong theme of sun and of water, as well as incorporating a resonance of the goddess Isis throughout.

Funny how once you understand the basics of ancient symbolism you see it being used in multiple forms of media, littered through history. If you’re interested in symbolism or would like to know more, check out Michael Tsarion’s ‘The Subversive Use of Sacred Symbolism in the Media’ talk: