David Icke’s new book..

Icke is one of the very few conspiracy whistleblowers who has developed a relatively advanced spiritual awareness from which he can provide a useful context and understanding of the material he has uncovered. He always puts forward an intriguingly different way to view the world, far from what is taught in schools and “higher” education (much of which is so boring because it is just not true).

Whilst Chapters 14-19 propound new and amazing information, the rest of the book overlaps with his previous works and newsletters, refining and updating his analysis of the many facets and details of the conspiratorial nature of civilisation, as well as the physics and metaphysics underlying our reality.

Yes, much of the book reprises – in hugely believable detail, with many new facts and those reviewed from previous books – all his old themes: Illuminati hybrid bloodlines, reptilians & ETs, mind control, satanic rituals, the global political and economic machinations, secret societies, the assault on our health and ability to use higher consciousness, and much more. This is understandable, since a great deal of what Icke has predicted over the last two decades has come horribly true. He makes it easy to see through the craziness in governments at all levels – local, national and international – and to understand what is coming next (tighter and tighter controls, installed step by tiny step) and why – but this subject is available in Icke’s previous books.

His “both new and different” material is mainly sandwiched in the middle of the book. In chapters 18 and 19 in particular, Icke introduces groundbreaking information going well beyond his previous books: I was hopeful, moved, even enthralled. Icke addresses the subject of how humanity was driven out of paradise and into slavery, as well as, in the last 30 pages of the book, the initial steps of how we can start to recover what we lost. What we experience here is similar to watching a movie in that we cannot alter the experience unless what is being projected onto the screen is changed – and those who currently control our world are terrified of this possibility and of our magnificent powers, currently hidden from us by the blinders “they” have created.

Oh yes, Icke reveals hidden reality, in an admirably clear and understandable way, and also includes fascinating recent scientific research in support. This book is a big step forward, going where few (if any) have gone before, with some truly original content.

And, for ways out of our enslavement, I recommend “Freedom” by Veronica Chapman. I can also recommend Marc Stevens’ “Adventures in Legal Land”: although written by an American, most of it applies equally here – but if you watch Winston Shrout’s DVDs you will learn why Stevens usually failed in court. There are also 2 highly intelligent books by The Antiterrorist.

There is also Menard’s wonderful “With Lawful Excuse” available as an ebook for $16 from the WorldFreemanSociety, but you can first have a free look on youtube at Menard’s “Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception” to see if the book is likely to interest you. If possible, “With Lawful Excuse” is even better than his videos but I’m glad I read Chapman’s introductory book first. I also recommend that you get the “prequel”, a book also called “Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception” and costing about $5.50, also from the WorldFreemanSociety, which provides the basics needed to get to grips with “With Lawful Excuse”. Chapman’s book is about English law whereas Menard’s books refer to Canadian law but, of course, as part of the common wealth, the Canadian system is similar to that in England.

Also have a look at Google Videos & You Tube, search for Raymond St Clair, the strawman illusion, the antiterrorist, bursting bubbles, etc, etc. The videos of Raymond St Claire going into a local court and very politely distressing all the court officials on a fundamental point of law are priceless. The basis of Raymond St Claire’s challenge and the reason for their distress is not clear in the videos but IS explained towards the end of the “Freedom” book – namely that judges swear to uphold common law but they are actually sitting in a civil/statute law court where they have no power over you unless you agree (which we are always fooled into doing, because we don’t know any better). Don’t miss!

More info can be found at: www.davidicke.com