It dawned on me this afternoon that Iron Man seems to be using subconcious symbolism based on the third chackra (Solar Plexus). What is interesting too, is the paralel of a concious being inside a highly intelligent body suit that is capable of flight and other superhuman feats.

The characteristic of the third chakra also fits as it related to self asteem, a trait which the character in the film Tony Stark seems to have plenty of.

There is also a scene in the film where the antagonist removes the ‘miniturised arc reactor’ from Tony Starks chest and if you look at it symbolically, it looks identical to a flower, which is what the chakras are identified with.

Finally, the third chakra’s colour is yellow and again we see this represented in the Iron Man’s body armour. Note: before the hot-rod red is added, the suit is entirely yellow.

As this was a realisation, I don’t know if anyone else has picked up on this but I thought it was worth sharing.