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Several years ago I worked with The Bombay Dub Orchestra to produce a music video for their track called ‘Feel’. They were kind enough to give me full, creative reign and so over the course of two months the animation below was the result.

The video was entirely hand drawn and animated using Macromedia Flash and although this was a lengthy process, its aim of  maintaining  an organic quality was achieved. I hope you enjoy it…


The photo to the left illustrates a number of different products that are available in the UK that contain the artificial sweetner Aspartame otherwise known as Nutrasweet. This sweetner has been linked to brain tumours.

Here’s a little list of products you may do well to avoid…


Diet Coca Cola, Coca Cola Zero, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Diet Irn Bru , Lilt Zero, Sprite Zero, Tango, Tango no added sugar, 7up Free, Lucozade Sport, Schweppes Slimline Drinks, Fanta Zero, Fanta Orange, Dr Pepper Zero, Oasis Summer Fruits Extra Light, Oasis Citrus Punch, Ribena Really light, Robinsons Orange Squash Cordial, Robinson’s No added sugar range, Muller Light Cherry Yoghurt,  Muller Light Blueberry, Muller Light Raspberry, Muller Light Banana and Custard, Danone Activia Cherry, Weight Watchers Fromage Frais, Weight Watchers Toffee and Vanilla, Muller Light Blueberry, Muller Light Raspberry, Muller Light Banana and Custard, Danone Activia Cherry, Weight Watchers Fromage Frais, Weight Watchers Toffee and Vanilla, Wrigleys Airwaves,Wrigleys Orbit, Wrigleys Extra, Chewing Gum Uncle Ben’s Sweet and Sour Light Cooking Sauce, Walkers Sensations Sweet Thai Chilli, Walkers Sensations Lime and Thai Spices, Walkers Prawn Cocktail Crisps, Canderel, Silver Spoon Sweetness and Light, Silver Spoon Light,  Granulated Sugar, Tabletop Sweeteners, Cadburys Highlights or Options Hot Chocolate Drink.

Of course there are many more but we’d be here all day… Here’s a little clip outlining the subject in more detail:

And some further reading on the subject:

Three years ago, my awakening began with an astonishing 11:11 moment. The coincidences and synchronicities that unfolded before that moment still leave an impression on me today. Since that experience, I continue to see these numerical patterns almost every time I look at a clock, microwave, number plate etc. The rational side of me continues to try to see the logic in it and if it weren’t for the constant revelations and synchronicities, perhaps this strange phenomenon would have passed.

If you’re someone who experiences this or has had a similar experience, drop me a line as it would be good to hear from you and to hear your story. And if just started happening to you and you’re not quite sure what to make of it all, here are some links to help you do some further reading: (11:11 message board)

I encourage you to have a peek  at the Pale Green Vortex blog by Ian T, as there’s currently a lovely little write-up about the second ARC Conference in Bath. (Alternative Research Community)

The blog covers all sort of topics from Anarcho-shamanism, mountain spirits; sacred wilderness, sacred sites, sacred everything; psychonautics, entheogens, pushing the envelope of consciousness; dominator culture and undermining its activities; Jung, Hillman, archetypes; Buddhism, multidimensional realities, and the ever-present satori at the centre of the brain; a few cosmic laughs; and much much more….

Thanks to Sara Dean for this…

United Nations to appoint space ambassador to act as first contact for aliens visiting Earth

By Daily Mail Reporter
Date: 26th September 2010

Mazlan OthmanIf aliens ever land on Earth there will no longer be any confusion over who will greet them with the news the United Nations is set to appoint an astrophysicist to be their first human contact.

Mazlan Othman is expected to be tasked with coordinating humanity’s response to an extraterrestrial visit, if ever required.

The 58-year-old Malaysian will tell a conference next week that with the recent discovery of hundreds of planets orbiting around other stars, the detection of alien life is becoming more and more likely.

Ms Othman, currently the head of the UN’s Office for Outer Space Affairs (Unoosa), recently told fellow scientists that mankind needed to be ready to deal with alien contact.’The continued search for extraterrestrial communication, by several entities, sustains the hope that some day human kind will received signals from extraterrestrials,’ she said.

‘When we do, we should have in place a coordinated response that takes into account all the sensitivities related to the subject. ‘The UN is a ready-made mechanism for such coordination.’ Friendly? Professor Stephen Hawking has questioned the theory of non-threatening alien visitors, such as ET in the Hollywood film

Plans to make Unoose the coordinating body for dealing with alien encounters are set to be debated by UN scientific advisory committees. If the idea is backed it will then head to General Assembly. Professor Richard Crowther, head of the UK delegation to the UN committee, admitted recently: ‘[Ms] Othman is absolutely the nearest thing we have to a “take me to your leader” person.’

In April though Professor Stephen Hawking warned that the alien contact, if it ever comes, may not be as friendly as has been hoped. In a documentary, the 68-year-old scientist said he imagined aliens arriving in ‘massive ships’ and could try to colonise Earth and plunder the planet’s resources. ‘We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn’t want to meet,’ he said. ‘I imagine they might exist in massive ships, having used up all the resources from their home planet. Such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads, looking to conquer and colonise whatever planets they can reach.’ He added: ‘It would be ‘too risky’ to attempt to make contact with alien races. If aliens ever visit us, I think the outcome would be much as when Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didn’t turn out very well for the Native Americans.’

The No To Tesco in Stokes Croft Rally ended with a disappointing verdict yesterday as the council members voted to allow Tesco to proceed to the next stage of development of their new store on Cheltenham Road. The message was clearly received by all those who attended the meeting; ‘It may be your community, but we make the rules.’

The Stokes Croft community’s spirit may have been dampened by yesterdays’ result, but the passion, resolve and conviction of those involved with this issue will surely be strengthened by the experience.

I wonder if any of the of the council members are Common Purpose trained?

(More to follow…)


Date: Image: bristol_evening_postThursday, September 23, 2010, 07:00

CAMPAIGNERS against Tesco’s move into Cheltenham Road are calling for a judicial review after the latest set of plans for the store were approved.

More than 200 protesters packed into the Council House yesterday to oppose the supermarket’s plans for the former Jester’s Comedy Club.

Tesco already has permission to open an Express store but wanted approval for three applications – for changes to the shop front, new signs, and machinery related to the store at the back.

But a seven-month campaign by residents and thousands of objections weren’t enough to stop the supermarket getting approval for two of the three proposals, with the third only being deferred rather than refused.

The debate and public statements took three hours before councillors made a decision, to shouts of “shame” from the audience.

Council officers had recommended approval, dismissing many of the objections as not being on planning grounds because they objected on principle.

But Claire Milne, of the No to Tesco in Stokes Croft campaign, submitted a 37-page report that addressed a wide range of planning issues with the three applications.

She said: “The council’s community involvement statement says that any developer must work with the community to assess the impact.

“This site is clearly sensitive given the Stokes Croft Plan, which says care should be taken not to supplant smaller retailers with larger supermarkets. Tesco has ignored this community.”

Alban Henderson of Tesco’s planning agents GL Hearn spoke on behalf of the company. He reminded councillors that officers had recommended approval and said a number of issues raised by campaigners were not relevant to these proposals.

Committee members discussed the application for two hours and all raised concerns about the plans.

Councillor Mark Weston (Conservative, Henbury) said he was concerned about the lack of detail about the amount of noise the store would make, and felt the design of the proposed shop front was not in keeping with a more traditional look.

Officers told the committee the Stokes Croft Gateway Project, an action plan devised in 2006 to help regenerate the area, was not applicable to the application as it had no force in planning law. They also said noise issues could be addressed by conditions.

The committee voted by five to three in favour of the shop front and sign applications, subject to a number of design changes. The plant application was put off so Tesco could produce a noise report.

“It’s disgusting,” added Ms Milne. “We’ll take it to a judicial review.”

I’ve been aware of the global increase of earthquakes for sometime now, having done a search on Wikipedia for Global earthquake history, frequency and severity several months  ago. My interest was sparked after researching the predictions of ancient cultures relating to the 2012 phenomenon, as well as the works of the American psychic  Edgar Cayce.

If you live in the UK, you may well remember the earthquake that hit the Midlands back in 23rd September, 2002. I remember having to re-asses my current thinking after that, as before that incident I had always assumed the UK was a relative ‘safe zone’.

Recently, there have been a couple of articles in the papers relating to training the police on how to deal with such monumental catastrophes.  There are numerous predictions relating to severe earth changes around the year of 2012 and I can’t help but find this curiously timed. Coincidence?

Over the next months, I will endeavor to track this story and bring you the latest articles etc., as it unfolds. Please find below links to the online articles available to far: – ‘Earthquake hits UK’ – ‘Earthquake training for police’
BBC Bitesize – ‘Predicating and preparing for Earthquakes’

If you’re someone who has made to switch to energy efficient light bulbs in your home, you may have felt  the change benefit your environmental conscience but how is this new technology affecting you or your family’s health? Here’s a clip that adequately covers that subject…

More info and further reading:

Be Green by Geeta Nadkarni of CBC Montreal

I’ve been meaning to put up a post about this one, so here goes…


Lucy Pringle reports “This event is especially noteworthy for several reasons; a pilot flying a light aircraft from Exeter to Thruxton flew over the field opposite Stonehenge at on the afternoon of Sunday 7 July with a passenger taking photographs, at which time the field opposite on the A303 was unmarked. The pilot disembarked at Thruxton, completed the necessary landing and flight forms, refuelled and then got back into the same plane to fly back to Exeter. Imagine his surprise on when flying over the same field opposite Stonehenge some 40 – 50 minutes later he observed an enormous formation measuring 915.2 X 508 ft imprinted in the wheat below. A gamekeeper and a guard at Stonehenge both confirmed that it had not been there that morning.
The formation was named the `Julia Set` as it represented a complex computer generated fractal image to the mathematicians; to musicians, a base clef, and to marine biologists the cross section of a nautilus.

Veteran researcher Colin Andrews tells me “The formation was first spotted from an aircraft at 6.15 PM. The pilot crossed over the field with a passenger (a medical doctor taking photographs) at 5.30pm”

There was nothing in the field at that time but “When the pilot returned at 6.15 PM he saw the formation in the field. “

“At about the same time (6:30 PM) his previous passenger drove past Stonehenge to see cars pulled off the side of the busy road.”

“When I interviewed the Wiltshire Police I was told that the police emergency lines received several 999 calls just before 6.00 PM reporting a large number of vehicles pulled off the road causing a hazard. “

German researcher Andreas Mueller has also supplied some vital information as a result of when he visited the formation after its appearance . He wrote telling me that he had listened to a man he took to be the farmer telling a group of people that he had had farm workers working in the field mending the fence until approximately 17.30 hrs that day.

“Many strange things happened to people visiting this formation., the most important being several reports that led me on to develop my research into hormone levels.”

“This report has remained one of the most important in the history of the crop circle phenomenon as rarely do crop circles appear during day light hours.”

“In April this spring of 2009, I had been giving a talk at Alton College in Hampshire. Shortly after that a friend telephoned me to say that a friend of hers had been in a taxi and had mentioned to the taxi driver that she had just been to a fascinating talk on Crop Circles. M, the taxi driver said “ I saw one appear opposite Stonehenge”. Thinking she meant this year, my friend telephoned me but after making extensive enquiries, I realised that here was no circle anywhere near Stonehenge. I was given M’s telephone number and told her what I had heard. “O dear me, no, it was years ago.” I mentioned that only two formations had appeared close to or opposite Stonehenge, 2002 and 1996. “It was 1996 as my son who was in the army was on holiday and I was driving down to see him.”

“I eventually managed to arrange a mutually convenient date to meet M and get her story down on tape.”

“M and Tim (her son’s friend) were driving to Somerset in July 1996 to see her son who was in the army and driving down the hill towards Stonehenge she saw a lot of cars pulled in on the grass verge on the A303 opposite the stones. She mentioned that when people see maybe two cars or more pulled in and looking down into the field, other cars stop and gradually the traffic builds up and more and more cars draw in to have a look.”

“As she drew nearer Tim said, “Mrs M there’s a corn circle there”.

“A car drew out and she managed to pull into the empty space and got out and joined the crowd of other people who were also watching what was happening. “There was an apparition, an isolated mist over it and as the circle was getting bigger the mist was rising above the circle. As the mist rose it got bigger and corn circle got bigger.”

“There was a mist was about 2-3 feet off the ground and it was sort of spinning around and on the ground a circular shape was appearing which seemed to get bigger and bigger as simultaneously the mist get bigger and bigger and swirled faster.”

“It was gradual and you are standing there and you are thinking what is going on and everyone is discussing it and more and more traffic is building up and everything and you just think that all the time you don’t really realise what is happening and then you think then that’s it and the thing is getting bigger and you are thinking of the beginning and end. But you don’t realise what you are looking at. I didn’t understand what was happening.”

“The mist wasn’t anything from the ground as there was a clear space between the ground and the mist. There was no wind and no dust (she is an asthmatic). It was strangest thing I have ever seen. It was a calm summer’s day.”

“When I asked her how long she stayed looking at the event, she said it was hard to say, but maybe 20 minutes or so, but she couldn’t say as she had lost track of the time as she could not believe what she was seeing. The mist was still there when she left but whether the formation was still expanding she couldn’t say.”

“What colour was the mist? “Well it wasn’t brown or blue or pink; it wasn’t coming off the ground. And it didn’t go far up into the sky”.
Did you feel strange? “I felt My God what is going on, look what’s happening, are we going to see a leprechaun or the men for Mars or a Sputnik in a minute or something.”

“When I asked M which date it had appeared she thought a bit and then took my pad and wrote Sunday 7 July1996. She said she remembered this particularly as being a Sunday she was driving against the traffic.”

“Why haven’t you heard about this before? There were so many people watching what was happening, not just me. Why didn’t the other people talk about it?”

“Indeed it was only by chance that I got to hear about it some thirteen years after it happened due to a passenger in M’s car who had been to my lecture!”

“M hadn’t mentioned it herself except to her family and friends.”

“On leaving M, I was puzzled by the time element of approx 20 minutes. I could not budge M on this; she was adamant and insisted that that was what she had witnessed and nothing I could say would make change her mind. As all the other reliable reports I have had of people witnessing crop circles appearing, they have all quite independently mentioned that the circle took between 4 and 20 seconds to happen. So why had this one taken so long? Was it due to the fact the other circles had just been small single circles whereas this one was large and complex?”

“I made several enquiries and I understand that it is generally accepted that as a result of work conducted in the 1990’s, it is possible to calculate the time a formation takes to appear based on the size and number of circles. The method relates to the earth’s gravitational and magnetic fields. This predicts a velocity of the resulting vortex filament of some 10ft/sec. The filament propagates not unlike a solar flare, repeatedly looping through the earth’s surface `embroidering` a gradually evolving pattern. To create the 151 circles in the 915.2 x 508 ft pattern would take of the order of 20-25 minutes to create.”
“The descending force emits an electrical discharge which releases bubbles from the underground aquifers which rise up through the surface of the ground and patterns are formed. The anchor point of the force is always off centre.”

This aspect as been observed many times over the years in certain complex crop circles.

“These patterns develop like `embroidery`, half about the ground and half under the ground in a sort of looping manner.

There is significantly less pressure inside than outside, therefore there is a sort of sucking motion from inside which bends or `sucks down` the crop at the base.

“The mist would appear to be as a result of cool water vapour rising from the aquifer (underground spring) beneath and behaves in a manner similar to what happens in the lab when electrical discharges are created through water and different patterns emerge on the surface. Mist forms a little distance from the triggering point, which would support what occurred in this case, M could see the circle growing. It is when the hydrogen atoms re-combine that all this happens as it draws in ambient energy. This is where the excess energy appears from. As for height, it would be no higher than the radius of the formation created and the mist cloud would grow as the formation grew.”

“However the more complex patterns have additional information contained in the sphere and who or what presses the button to make these is not within our present knowledge or understanding.”

“Indeed not only does it appear that M was correct is every aspect but it also corroborates the report by the pilot, the guard at Stonehenge and the gamekeeper. A truly remarkable event.”

One of the best websites for tracking and keeping up to date with the latest formations is:

Also, make your way over to RedIceCreations for brilliant interviews with Lucy Pringle and many others.

Clearly there are many more ‘bar stewards’ to add to this sideshow and it would be useful to add the names of some of the less well known people but for now, it is what it is. If you have any suggestions or photos of people to add to the curren selection, please drop me a line…

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Date: 7th September, 2010

Tractor beams and energy rays that can move objects were a science fiction mainstay. But now they are becoming a reality – at least for moving very tiny objects.

Researchers from the Australian National University have announced that they have built a device that can move small particles a meter and a half using only the power of light.

Physicists have been able to manipulate tiny particles over miniscule distances by using lasers for years. Optical tweezers that can move particles a few millimeters are common.

Andrei Rode, a researcher involved with the project, said that existing optical tweezers are able to move particles the size of a bacterium a few millimeters in a liquid. Their new technique can move objects one hundred times that size over a distance of a meter or more.

The device works by shining a hollow laser beam around tiny glass particles. The air surrounding the particle heats up, while the dark center of the beam stays cool. When the particle starts to drift out of the middle and into the bright laser beam, the force of heated air molecules bouncing around and hitting the particle’s surface is enough to nudge it back to the center.

A small amount of light also seeps into the darker middle part of the beam, heating the air on one side of the particle and pushing it along the length of the laser beam. If another such laser is lined up on the opposite side of the beam, the speed and direction the particle moves can be easily manipulated by changing the brightness of the beams.

Rode said that their technique could likely work over even longer distances than they tested.

“With the particles and the laser we use, I would guess up to 10 meters in air should not be a problem. The max distance we had was 1.5 meters, which was limited by the size of the optical table in the lab,” Rode said.

Because this technique needs heated gas to push the particles around, it can’t work in the vacuum of outer space like the tractor beams in Star Trek. But on Earth there are many possible applications for the technology. The meter-long distances that the research team was able to move the particles could open up new avenues for laser tweezers in the transport of dangerous substances and microbes, and for sample taking and biomedical research.

“There is the possibility that one could use the hollow spheres as a means of chemical delivery agents, or microscopic containers of some kind, but some more work would need to be done here just to check what happens inside the spheres, in terms of sample heating,” said David McGloin, a physicist at the University of Dundee in the U.K not connected with the Australian team.

It’s the most incredible experience to find new truths and realizations emerging within yourself. For those of you who have not taken to what the Buddhists call ‘The Path of Equiry’, truth may be merely nothing more than what you could surmise as indisputable fact. But truth, I am now coming to understand, is simply what you believe at the time. Belief and truth have a close association and resonate in union to create power and it’s this power that we use to create or manifest our desires.

Simply put, ‘The Path of Inquiry’ is the process of answering internal questions about life and its meaning. One of the questions that I came to ask at the beginning of my journey was ‘why don’t more people in our society wonder what its all about?’. I found it extraordinary that frequently the response to most of my searching questions was ‘Mish, you think too deeply’ or ‘Mate, it is just what it is, just get on with it!’

I remember as a child, the sense of wonder and magic of the natural world and the way that my imagination reacted to it. I have a strong memory of being nine years old, sat underneath a tree with roots protruding from the ground like a pile of gnarly wooden elbows, playing with a collection of plastic Smurfs. I used small twigs and stones to create miniature moss-thatched dwellings for my little blue friends and in turn, felt a deep sense of peace through that process of creation. Of course, back then I was a child and my mind had not yet become polluted by the fixed thoughts and ideals of the adult world and so as an experience, it was just simply fun.

As I moved into adulthood, simplicity gave way to questioning and the answers that were provided through the educational system and through society’s perception of reality, for a time put my mind at ease. As time went by though, I began to feel a dissatisfaction with the answers that I had been given, as though I had been handed a bottle of the most incredible wine and told never to remove the cork.

The journey of deeper questioning that I started three years ago has been a rocky, twisty and frequently painful road to travel, but the wisdom, truth, connection and love that it has shared with me, has filled me with the most profound sense of wonder and awe at the greater meaning of the experience we call life.

The world is changing day-to-day and more and more people are beginning to question the structure and fabric of our reality. There’s an emerging sense of the true value of our lives and I can only feel humble gratitude for the unseen force that is guiding us towards this greater perception of the majesty of truth.

Follow your heart, for it is the eyes of your soul and the gateway to finding you own sense of inner peace…

Yet again, Lady Gaga is on the front page of the tabloids. This time she’s adorned in a dress made entirely of cuts of meat. Initially one’s reaction to this, is of disgust (or at least it should be). But if we look at this ‘stunt’ via the eyes or understanding of the emergence of the new shift in global consciousness, we could view this as a good thing. Bare with me…

The way that we currently farm livestock for mass consumption needs to be reviewed and a story like this, splashed across the ‘mediascape’ will help to bring this subject into the forefront of our culture’s mind. Yes, Lady Gaga is clearly a worryingly disturbed individual, but if we look at this particular incident in the slightly longer term, then perhaps we can see it as catalyst for change that will bring about more awareness  relating to how the food on the supermarket shelves is produced.

I should have written this yesterday as it would have been a fitting realisation for September 11th..

At 8:33 am I woke with this thought staring me in the face.

If you are someone who has started down the road of alternative truth-seeking and are up to speed with the shenanigans of the  global elite, then you’ll be on familiar ground.

The ‘All Seeing Eye’ symbol has been one of the most talked about elements of the conspiracy movement for years and I’m sure for many, was one of the key elements that sparked curiosity relating to the meaning behind the symbols that most people dismiss as mere  corporate branding. The Dollar Bill, AOL, CAT, Mitsubishi and many other corporate-like logos, employ the pyramid to subconsciously illustrate their allegiance to the New World Order’s agenda.

The realisation I had yesterday was to do with the salute used by the armed forces across the globe. As you know, the right arm is raised at 45 degrees with the tips of the fingers pointing to the eye. You can see where this is going. The gesture of a salute creates half of the image of the pyramid and the ‘All Seeing Eye’.

I don’t know if this is something that has been covered by other researchers already and it’s certainly not something that I have come across before but the power of this realisation is poignant. It changes the way one sees the armed forces. It creates a visual allegiance, to the dark forces of the hidden power elite. Let me stress, that in no way does this mean that I believe the brave men and woman of the world who choose to put their lives on the line for freedom, are themselves, evil, bad etc., but moreover, to illuminate a new perspective of where their actual loyalties may lie.

This realisation though, could have a profound effect on the way we view the salute and only further serves to illustrate the depth of the deception that has been hidden in plain sight for so many years.

It is my hope that as we move into the new paradigm we will come to universally realise that violence only creates more violence and further helps to strengthen the cycle of fear. Wars and conflict, while on the surface may appear to be fought with weapons, are actually fought on a deeper level by one’s individual participation or consciousness.

Many of us who tread the path of Alternative Truth Seeking are frequently subjected to criticism, humiliation and social ostracization by the mere mention of subjects relating to the occult or a new-found understanding of spiritualism . The question is, if this is all a load of mumbo-jumbo, tin-foil-hat wearing nonsense, then how do we account for the bombardment of pyramid/eye symbolism used in movies, the media and corporate branding? Feedback, suggestions or comments as always are welcome…



Date:   September 6, 2010

LONDON — Former Prime Minister Tony Blair said on Monday he had cancelled a book-signing in London this week to mark the launch of his memoirs, over fears the event would be hit by protests. Three people were arrested after eggs and shoes were thrown at Blair, 57, as he arrived to sign copies of “A Journey” at a bookshop in Dublin on Saturday and some of the 200 protesters clashed with police.

No injuries were reported and the missiles did not hit Blair. Anti-war campaigners and the far-right British National Party had said they would protest on Wednesday at the Waterstone’s branch in Piccadilly in central London over Blair’s decision to join the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003.

“I have decided not to go ahead with the signing as I don’t want the public to be inconvenienced by the inevitable hassle caused by protestors,” Blair said in a statement on his website. “I know the Metropolitan Police would, as ever, have done a superb job in managing any disruption but I do not wish to impose an extra strain on police resources, simply for a book-signing.” He said he would sign books for Waterstone’s which would be available from the store on Thursday.

“I’m really sorry for those – as ever the majority – who would have come to have their books signed by me in person. I hope they understand.” Tight security had already been planned for the event, with all bags and mobile phones to have been checked in beforehand. In his memoirs, Blair – now an envoy for the Quartet of Middle East peacemakers, the United States, Russia, the EU and the United Nations – said he could have not have imagined what he called the “nightmare” that unfolded in Iraq.

He also echoed previous statements that the 2003 invasion was justified because Saddam Hussein posed a threat and could have developed weapons of mass destruction. Speaking to media on Monday, Blair said the book was selling “fantastically” well, although he is also facing an internet campaign which has been set up to try to disrupt sales. A group set up on the social networking site Facebook is calling for people to move copies into the “crime” section of bookstores. “Make bookshops think twice about where they categorise our generations (sic) greatest war criminal,” said the campaign, which has attracted almost 7,000 members.

Here’s a composite clip of predictions for 2010 and beyond…

Several months ago I worked as the sole animator with Wonky Films, on a project called ‘Tower Hamlets’. Usually, I would keep my creative work out of this blog, but as its linked to ‘Community’, I thought I would shamelessly promote it! Enjoy… m

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If you live in Bristol, we need your help as Tesco are trying to open yet another store in Stokes Croft. This is an area with serious street drinking problems and local traders have agreed not to sell cheap, strong cider to ease the problem – cheap Tesco alcohol would exacerbate existing problems.

For more information about this please visit the ‘No to Tesco in Stokes Croft’ blog:


Date: September 05, 2010 1:34 p.m.

MONTREAL – Canadian and American astronauts say the world should already be preparing for the big one — the asteroid that could some day strike the Earth causing death and destruction.

“You’re just sticking your head in the sand if you think the world will live out its entire natural life until the end of our sun and never be hit by another big rock,” Canada’s Chris Hadfield said in an interview, “That’s just foolishness. That’s just ignorance.”

The Canadian Space Agency astronaut is the current president of the Association of Space Explorers (ASE), which submitted a report to the United Nations outlining a detailed plan to deal with any asteroid threat. “We’re rolling the dice that the big one is not coming right away,” Hadfield warned. Hadfield, 51, will get a chance to observe asteroids first-hand during his upcoming six-month mission to the International Space Station. He is due to blast off on his third space trip in late 2012 and will also take charge of the lab for several months, becoming its first Canadian commander.

During his first space flight — a visit to the Russian space station Mir in 1995 — Hadfield watched a big rock come bearing down on Earth. It eventually burned up in the atmosphere, but the 18-year space veteran admits the experience sent a shiver up his spine. “If it had been a little higher, it would have come right through us (the space station),” Hadfield said.

Former U.S. astronaut Russell (Rusty) Schweickart chaired the ASE international group which issued its 54-page report on the asteroid threat in 2008. The report focuses on detection and deflection and calls for a unified global response. Schweickart told The Canadian Press new telescopes will dramatically increase the rate at which asteroids are discovered within the next 10 to 15 years. “You’re going to multiply the 7,000 objects that we have in our catalogue now up to one million objects as we get new telescopes operating,” he said in an interview from Sonoma, Calif.

The Space Explorers Association has been working closely with the United Nations and the world body is now holding a series of workshops on ways to prepare for threats from so-called Near Earth Objects (NEOs). The work will culminate in a recommendation to the United Nations General Assembly next year or in 2012.

“There is no one in the United States or anywhere in the world who has the specific responsibility of acting and developing the technology to deflect an asteroid when we find one that does threaten us,” Schweickart added. The retired Apollo astronaut stresses that any effort to deflect a potentially dangerous asteroid would have to begin 10 to 18 years before the impact is predicted. But he adds the basic technology to deflect a threatening asteroid currently exists. One method involves smashing a spacecraft into the object to change its velocity enough to miss Earth. Schweickart’s comments come as Canada gets ready to assume a key role in the search for any menacing NEOs.

In March 2011, the Canadian Space Agency hopes to launch NEOSSat, which will be the first space telescope “totally dedicated to keep an eye out for the rest of the world.”  NEOSSat (Near Earth Object Surveillance Satellite) will scan areas near the sun to pinpoint asteroids which have not yet been detected. The $15 million suitcase-sized-satellite, which will circle about 700 kilometres above the Earth, will look for potentially hazardous asteroids. “What we’re looking for is advance warning,” senior project manager Bill Harvey said. “Of course those (asteroids) are the larger ones. . .anything over 50 metres that has a potential for an impact.”

A 45-metre-wide space boulder exploded over a wooded area in Siberia in 1908 in what became known as the Tunguska event. About 2,000 square kilometres of trees were flattened in an uninhabited area.

The Manicouagan crater in Quebec, which is 65 kilometres in diameter, was caused by an asteroid that slammed into the Earth some 200 million years ago. Harvey says he expects NEOSSat to detect several hundred new asteroids during its first year of operation and “probably up to a thousand.”

NEOSS at will conduct scientific studies of asteroids and also monitor the beehive of satellites currently orbiting the Earth to make sure they don’t slam into each other. Harvey says astronomers are currently keeping an eye on an asteroid named Apophis after observations in 2004 indicated there was a 2.7 per cent chance it would strike Earth in 2029. Additional observations eliminated the possibility of an impact that year, but Harvey remains cautious because another close encounter with Apophis is expected in 2036.

“(If) its orbit gets altered by some event— and that event could be coming in proximity with another body like Venus or Mars — that could change the trajectory,” he said. Schweickart points out that nearly 300 asteroids have some possibility of impacting the Earth in the next 100 years. Scientists recently warned that “1999-RQ36,” an asteroid that is more than 500 metres wide, has a one-in-1,000 chance of striking the planet in 2182.

Meantime, U.S. President Barack Obama has asked NASA to develop plans to visit an asteroid and the space agency is already looking at a potential human mission to visit one known as “1999-AO10” by 2025. It’s estimated such a mission would take about six months with the astronauts spending about two weeks “riding the asteroid” as it blazes past the Earth.

Earlier this year, the Obama administration decided on a flexible path for space exploration which favoured a visit to an asteroid instead of a return to the moon.

Source: The Guardian website

Date:     Sunday 5 September 2010

When Tony Blair called his much-awaited memoirs A Journey, he probably expected its journey into bookshops would be relatively straightforward.

But a Facebook page was today inundated with pictures of the former prime minister’s book in odd places after thousands joined a group entitled “Subversively move Tony Blair’s memoirs to the crime section in bookshops”.

The Facebook page – which had more than 5,000 members by mid-afternoon – urges them to “make bookshops think twice about where they categorise our generations [sic] greatest war criminal”.

The group was started by nursing student Euan Booth – no relation to Euan Blair, or indeed Cherie Booth – to protest about the book and Blair’s record in Iraq. He had thought of staining books with fake blood – but wanted to take action that was non-criminal and peaceful. “It is mischievous, but no one is coming to any harm,” he said. “It is a very English way of voicing your opinion and is meant to be a bit of fun.”

Booth, 24, attended Sir John Chilcot’s Iraq inquiry, but was frustrated by not being able to convey his own feelings about the war to Blair. “I was absolutely livid that this bloke could still be walking around and lying to the British people. The war was based on a complete pack of lies and we are still paying the price of that,” he said. Last Thursday, he decided to take the matter into his own hands. “If it gets back to him in some small way that this is what people think about him, I will be pleased. He hasn’t profited from the book but he has a channel to voice his opinions about this. I don’t and I’m trying to take that back.”

On Saturday, Blair was pelted with shoes and eggs at his first public signing, at Eason’s bookshop on O’Connell Street in Dublin. Four men were arrested.

Booth does not condone the violence, and points out on the site that book moving is a peaceful form of protest. Others in the group praised the simplicity of the protest. Gordon Lightbody wrote: “It is a wonderfully simple act but it speaks volumes about the man.”

Jill Elizabeth Daines wrote that she had moved three copies of the book in WH Smith in the Arndale Centre, Manchester. “One went under science fiction, one tragic life stories and another in sci-fi, fantasy and horror. I think all these categories are relevant. I saw several people look at the book and smile in the sci-fi, fantasy and horror section.”

Others have suggested more leftfield places for the books. Laurie Schram photographed A Journey next to the wet wipes in Tesco, which had no crime section, admitting that she “got quite a kick out of this”. Gordon Darroch suggested putting the book in the dark fantasy section, while Eva Ch – referring to the sections dealing with the Blairs’ love life – suggested: a more unorthdox shelf placement. “Some of it is really gushing … and could be put next to the Mills and Boon.”

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