It’s the most incredible experience to find new truths and realizations emerging within yourself. For those of you who have not taken to what the Buddhists call ‘The Path of Equiry’, truth may be merely nothing more than what you could surmise as indisputable fact. But truth, I am now coming to understand, is simply what you believe at the time. Belief and truth have a close association and resonate in union to create power and it’s this power that we use to create or manifest our desires.

Simply put, ‘The Path of Inquiry’ is the process of answering internal questions about life and its meaning. One of the questions that I came to ask at the beginning of my journey was ‘why don’t more people in our society wonder what its all about?’. I found it extraordinary that frequently the response to most of my searching questions was ‘Mish, you think too deeply’ or ‘Mate, it is just what it is, just get on with it!’

I remember as a child, the sense of wonder and magic of the natural world and the way that my imagination reacted to it. I have a strong memory of being nine years old, sat underneath a tree with roots protruding from the ground like a pile of gnarly wooden elbows, playing with a collection of plastic Smurfs. I used small twigs and stones to create miniature moss-thatched dwellings for my little blue friends and in turn, felt a deep sense of peace through that process of creation. Of course, back then I was a child and my mind had not yet become polluted by the fixed thoughts and ideals of the adult world and so as an experience, it was just simply fun.

As I moved into adulthood, simplicity gave way to questioning and the answers that were provided through the educational system and through society’s perception of reality, for a time put my mind at ease. As time went by though, I began to feel a dissatisfaction with the answers that I had been given, as though I had been handed a bottle of the most incredible wine and told never to remove the cork.

The journey of deeper questioning that I started three years ago has been a rocky, twisty and frequently painful road to travel, but the wisdom, truth, connection and love that it has shared with me, has filled me with the most profound sense of wonder and awe at the greater meaning of the experience we call life.

The world is changing day-to-day and more and more people are beginning to question the structure and fabric of our reality. There’s an emerging sense of the true value of our lives and I can only feel humble gratitude for the unseen force that is guiding us towards this greater perception of the majesty of truth.

Follow your heart, for it is the eyes of your soul and the gateway to finding you own sense of inner peace…