Way back when I first heard the interview on RedIceCreations with Rik Clay, I remember feeling a curious pull to the information about ‘X’. There were all sorts of bits of information about it that tweaked my curiosity but I never got round to researching it.

This evening, after having watched the last two episodes of The Prisoner (new version), X popped into my head and I instinctively hopped on the Web to finally find out a little more. I decided to start with the definition and so went straight to Wikipedia. I copied the text (as I always do) and pasted it into the post with the title above.

As I added the bullet points of ‘Uses of X’, I came across the one saying: In cartoons, Xs are drawn instead of eyes to indicate the death of a character. To the left of my bed, on the wall, is hung a painting I did years and years ago called ‘Perkie Arrives’.  I looked at the painting because I remembered that Perkie’s eyes are X’s. Right then, right in front of my eyes, the painting feel of the wall and landed on the floor. To makes matters even more curious, when I looked to check the time (as I always do these days when strange things happen) I saw it was 5:55. Even now, I look at the clock and it’s 6:55pm!

The picture to the left is ‘Perkie Arrives’. Perkie has also always been known as ‘The Zen Mechanic’

Right off the bad I tried to call Karen, but was greeted with a ‘line engaged’ sound and so immediately called my friend Sara. Suffice to say we had a good ‘ole chat about it! Sara also pointed out that Ellis Taylor has recently studied X and has written an article about it relating to Simon Cowell:


Because my personal paintings are spontaneous, for me they carry an air of mystery. I sometime struggle to understand what they’re all about. The Perkie painting has been with me for about 12-13 years now and seems to suggest my true ‘Self’ exiting a white ball, which could be seen as mainstream conciousness give the way I now see the world. The ‘Xs are drawn instead of eyes to indicate the death of a character’ comment, seems significant now, as if to suggest the magical world one arrives in by leaving behind the ego or by exiting the reality matrix. Either way, the syncronicities point strongly enough for me to pay attention…

The point of this? Merely to record it while it’s fresh in my head. To mark it, so that I don’t forget. After all… isn’t X meant to mark the spot?

Wikipedia definition: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X

Uses of X

  • Apart from being a part of the Latin alphabet, “X” the letter is a Roman numeral representing 10.
  • In mathematics it is commonly used as the name for an independent variable. As a result it is often used to represent unknowns in other circumstances (e.g. Person X, Place X, etc.(see Malcolm X)).
  • X-rays are so called because their discoverer did not know what they were.
  • X has been used as a namesake for a generation of humans: Generation X, commonly abbreviated to Gen X.
  • It is the Generation born after the Baby Boom ended, ranging from 1961 to 1981.
  • It may also be used to signify the multiplication operation when a more appropriate glyph is unavailable.
  • It is commonly used in correspondence along with the letter O to indicate affection (as in “XOXO”-the X’s representing kisses and the Os hugs).
  • X is used by the illiterate in lieu of a signature and indicates a signature line on forms.
  • In cartoons, Xs are drawn instead of eyes to indicate the death of a character.
  • X is commonly used as a generic mark (selecting an item on a form, indicating a location on a map, etc.).
  • X-Box – sixth-generation video game console manufactured by Microsoft.
  • X-Men is based on a  superhero team in the Marvel Comics Universe. They were created by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby.
  • The X-Files is an American science fiction television series and a part of The X-Files franchise, created by screenwriter Chris Carter.
  • XXX an identifier for pornography, especially X-rated movies.
  • X Factor is a British television singing competition contested by aspiring singers drawn from public auditions, which started in September 2004.
  • XXX, 666 in Pythagorean numerology.
  • Games of the XXX Olympiad, the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, England.
  • XXX, a shortened version of “XXXL”, a plus size clothing size.
  • Triple X (professional wrestling), a former wrestling stable in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.
  • The British Prime Minister resides at number ‘X’ Downing Street.

X Logos & Images…

History of X

In Ancient Greek, ‹Χ› and ‹Ψ› were among several variants of the same letter, used originally for /kʰ/ and later, in western areas such as Arcadia, as a simplification of the digraph ‹ΧΣ› for /ks/. In the end, more conservative eastern forms became the standard of Classical Greek, and thus ‹Χ› (Chi) stands for /kʰ/ (later /x/). However, the Etruscans had taken over ‹Χ› from western Greek, and it therefore stands for /ks/ in Etruscan and Latin.

The letter ‹Χ› ~ ‹Ψ› for /kʰ/ was a Greek addition to the alphabet, placed after the Semitic letters along with phi ‹Φ› for /pʰ/. (The variant ‹Ψ› later replaced the digraph ‹ΦΣ› for /ps/; omega was a later addition.) There has been much mostly fruitless debate about the origins of these added letters.