If you have been wanting to have your own website but have been afraid of development and maintenance costs, I have a suggestion for you.

I recently stumbled acrsoss a website called Wix.com. Here they provide an online service that allows to build your own Flash website with a minimum of fuss. For a small fee you can also bolt on an e-commerce widget, that will allow you to build your own online store or add PayPal buttons. Don’t be fooled into thinking by their logo, that this is gimicky.  It’s actually really rather good and can (hopefully) only get better with customer feedback.

I am currently in the process of redesigning my website (www.missiongraphics.co.uk) and have come to view Wix.com as the tool I have been waiting for. I had just been getting to grips with Macromedia Flash’s Actionscript 2, when Actionscript 3 appeared having radically updated the programming language, making what I had learnt out of date. Wix is a purely front end development tool that allows the user to design their website without having to know all the code and the great thing is, is it’s packed with animated buttons, widgets, icons etc, that you can not only drag and drop, but customise to suit your style or needs.

It’s easy to get to grips with and enables the user to publish the site immediately, without the need for a seperate  FTP client. This makes it a doddle to update and puts you in the driver’s seat in terms of keeping the site up to date, without the need to outsource to work to an expensive design firm. Check it out…