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I recently received a message from a friend saying that after she had visited my blog, her computer began to act strangely. No-one else has made a comment about this, so I was wondering if this is an isolated incident or if anyone else is having the same problem. (And no Marj, you’re not being paranoid:)


Date: 18th March 2011

Revealed: US spy operation that manipulates social media

The US military is developing software that will let it secretly manipulate social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter by using fake online personas to influence internet conversations and spread pro-American propaganda.

A Californian corporation has been awarded a contract with United States Central Command (Centcom), which oversees US armed operations in the Middle East and Central Asia, to develop what is described as an “online persona management service” that will allow one US serviceman or woman to control up to 10 separate identities based all over the world.

The project has been likened by web experts to China’s attempts to control and restrict free speech on the internet. Critics are likely to complain that it will allow the US military to create a false consensus in online conversations, crowd out unwelcome opinions and smother commentaries or reports that do not correspond with its own objectives.

The discovery that the US military is developing false online personalities – known to users of social media as “sock puppets” – could also encourage other governments, private companies and non-government organisations to do the same. Continue reading



Date:   3rd Novemeber 2011

On March 19, the moon will swing around Earth more closely than it has in the past 18 years, lighting up the night sky from just 221,567 miles (356,577 kilometers) away. On top of that, it will be full. And one astrologer believes it could inflict massive damage on the planet.

Richard Nolle, a noted astrologer who runs the website, has famously termed the upcoming full moon at lunar perigee (the closest approach during its orbit) an “extreme supermoon.”

When the moon goes super-extreme, Nolle says, chaos will ensue: Huge storms, earthquakes, volcanoes and other natural disasters can be expected to wreak havoc on Earth. (It should be noted that astrology is not a real science, but merely makes connections between astronomical and mystical events.)

But do we really need to start stocking survival shelters in preparation for the supermoon?

The question is not actually so crazy. In fact scientists have studied related scenarios for decades. Even under normal conditions, the moon is close enough to Earth to make its weighty presence felt: It causes the ebb and flow of the ocean tides.

The moon’s gravity can even cause small but measureable ebbs and flows in the continents, called “land tides” or “solid Earth tides,” too. The tides are greatest during full and new moons, when the sun and moon are aligned either on the same or opposite sides of the Earth.

According to John Vidale, a seismologist at the University of Washington in Seattle and director of the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network, particularly dramatic land and ocean tides do trigger earthquakes. “Both the moon and sun do stress the Earth a tiny bit, and when we look hard we can see a very small increase in tectonic activity when they’re aligned,” Vidale told Life’s Little Mysteries, a sister site to

At times of full and new moons, “you see a less-than-1-percent increase in earthquake activity, and a slightly higher response in volcanoes.”

The effect of tides on seismic activity is greatest in subduction zones such as the Pacific Northwest, where one tectonic plate is sliding under another. William Wilcock, another seismologist at the University of Washington, explained: “When you have a low tide, there’s less water, so the pressure on the seafloor is smaller. That pressure is clamping the fault together, so when it’s not there, it makes it easier for the fault to slip.” Continue reading

I’m putting this post up for those interested in ‘The Alternative View’ and while to some might feel this is a ridiculous conspiracy angle to present, the facts and history of weather modification and HAARP appear too curious to dismiss out of hand. Either way, the video below is well worth a watch. As always, you be the judge…

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In light of today’s earthquake/tsunami in Japan, I thought it worth throwing this post up while the numbers of visitors are higher than average!

Although the ‘mainstream’ view of our ancestors is one of primitives wearing nothing but a goat-skin pair of pants and wielding some form of club, it may be worth paying a little more attention to what’s  in the background of this ‘picture’.

Below is an ancient wall in Cusco, Peru. The stones fit so perfectly that no blade of grass or steel can slide between them. There is no mortar. They often join in complex and irregular surfaces that would appear to be a nightmare for the stonemason.

There are no other walls like these. They are different from Stonehenge, different from the Pyramids of the Egyptians and the Maya, different from any of the other ancient monolithic stone-works.

Many people speculate about their intended purpose, but on a day like today and given Cusco’s location, I can help but wonder if this ancient people built these walls to keep floodwaters or a tsunami out…? Then there’s the fact that there are some temples in the world, like Baalbeck in  Lebanon, that have used stones that weigh something close to 350 tons – which even today with all our technology we are still unable to copy,  let alone move.

Perhaps a day like today will encourage more people to take an interest in our ancient history with a view to protecting our future…

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Date: 11th March 2011

Major tsunami damage in northern Japan after 8.9 magnitude earthquake.

Japan was hit by a massive 8.9-magnitude earthquake this morning which rocked buildings in Tokyo and triggered a tsunami that dashed ships onto the northeast coast, sweeping cars through the streets of coastal towns.


The Japanese ministry of defence has sent up 10 aircraft to obtain an aerial survey of the damage caused by the wave, which early warnings said could be up to 10m high. Along Japan’s coast, television footage showed massive damage from the tsunami, with dozens of cars, boats and even buildings being carried along by waters. In Tokyo the car park of Disneyland was reported flooded. A large ship swept away by the tsunami rammed directly into a breakwater in Kesennuma city in Miyagi prefecture, according to footage on public broadcaster NHK. In Tokyo several fires were reported and the underground railway was evacuated.

A tsunami warning has also been issued for Taiwan, Russia, the Philippines and the Mariana Islands, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said. National broadcaster NHK was warning those near the coast to get to safer ground. Japan’s Earthquake Research Committee has warned of a 70 per cent chance that a great, magnitude-eight quake would strike Tokyo within the next 30 years.


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Date: 10th March 2011

Millions of sardines die in Californian marina.

Authorities have scooped, blasted and vacuumed as they removed tonnes of dead sardines from a south California marina before the fish rot and possibly poison remaining sea life in the harbour.

The cleanup came after the enormous school of sardines apparently suffocated in the confines of King Harbour, possibly while seeking shelter from a predator or simply becoming lost near a breakwater late on Monday.

Instead of leaving, the fish crowded towards the back of the Redondo Beach marina and used all the oxygen in the water, marine experts have said.

A fire boat experimented with possible ways of retrieving the silvery corpses carpeting the bottom of the marina, including blasting them with a fire hose so they popped to the surface, police sergeant Phil Keenan said.

“Some places, we have upward of two feet of dead fish on the bottom,” he said. State department of fish and game officials sent samples of the fish to a lab to determine why they died, and strongly suggested the fish just got lost before landing in the marina.

Oxygen levels remained low in the stagnant water of the marina, and there was concern that unless the fish were collected within a few days, they would begin to decompose and release ammonia that could poison fish, crustaceans and other sea life.

Additionally, bacteria feeding on the bloated fish corpses could multiply and further deplete the oxygen.

“The smell in three days is going to be horrendous,” warned a local fisherman.

“When a rather large-sized (M 3.6 class) flare occurred near the edge of the Sun, it blew out a gorgeous, waving mass of erupting plasma that swirled and twisted over a 90-minute period (Feb. 24, 2011). This event was captured in extreme ultraviolet light by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory spacecraft . Some of the material blew out into space and other portions fell back to the surface. Because SDO images are super-HD, we can zoom in on the action and still see exquisite details. And using a cadence of a frame taken every 24 seconds, the sense of motion is, by all appearances, seamless. Sit back and enjoy the jaw-dropping solar show.”

When a rather large M 3.6 class flare occurred near the edge of the Sun on Feb. 24, 2011, it blew out a gorgeous, waving mass of erupting plasma that swirled and twisted for 90 minutes. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured the event in extreme ultraviolet light. Because SDO images are high definition, the team was able to zoom in on the flare and still see exquisite details. And using a cadence of a frame taken every 24 seconds, the sense of motion is, by all appearances, seamless.

For more information about solar flares, please click here to go to the NASA website:

38 Degrees brings you together with other people to take action on the issues that matter to you and bring about real change.

There are now over half a million of us involved in 38 Degrees and we’ve proved that when we work together we can make change happen.

So now we need to answer an important question: what should we do next? How could we be ramping up our existing campaigns? What new campaigns should we be working on together?

38 Degrees Campaign Film from 38 Degrees on Vimeo.


Date: Sunday 6 March 2011

‘We know what to march against on 26 March; here’s what to protest for.’

Here is a challenge to the brave and brilliant TUC rally organisers – a first draft of a statement of aims.

We are yet again stepping into the ring with one hand tied behind our backs. The great rally that is planned for 26 March will bring together the most impressive oppositional groups in Britain. It will show that we have the numbers and the will required to fight this government. But there’s a problem. We know what we don’t want. The people co-ordinating this protest have provided compelling explanations of why the government’s programme for tackling the deficit is unnecessary, unfair and likely to make the problem worse. We have been less clear about what we want.

Nowhere have I been able to find a statement of aims that is short enough to put on a flier but specific enough to be useful. There are plenty of 30-page documents and pithy slogans – but, as far as I can discover, nothing in between. What we are missing is a simple set of proposals that are agreed by the main groups and would turn this from an oppositional to a propositional movement. The lesson to be drawn from previous battles is that lasting change does not happen until we unite behind what we want – not just against what we do not.

Without clear aims we remain trapped by our opponents, responding to their agenda rather than forcing them to respond to ours. Without a programme for action, campaigns dissipate as people lose hope. A statement of aims allows us to tell whether or not we are making progress, rather than merely slipping back less rapidly than before. It can also be used to challenge opposition parties and measure their commitment.

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If you’re looking to understand your self a little better, then this is a great video series to watch. Well written… well spoken… well needed. – m

Eckhart’s profound yet simple teachings have already helped countless people throughout the world find inner peace and greater fulfillment in their lives. At the core of the teachings lies the transformation of consciousness, a spiritual awakening that he sees as the next step in human evolution. An essential aspect of this awakening consists in transcending our ego-based state of consciousness. This is a prerequisite not only for personal happiness but also for the ending of violent conflict endemic on our planet.

For more information:


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Seismic event!! – Monday 7th March, 2011.

1pm – Hamilton Square. Birkenhead. Wirral. UK.

Everybody please bring black umbrellas – this is not in anticipation of rain – this is for a high profile publicity event…



We cannot say too much… details of what is ‘going down’ will be released minutes before it happens… and we will have a team of co-ordinators on the ground to direct activities. But we must have large numbers. It is clear that the word is going around the internet … but we need to keep pushing this event AS HARD AS WE CAN.



If there is one event that has the potential to wake the whole nation up – this is it. We anticipate national TV coverage – in fact the channels will be embarrassed if they do not cover it. The Aussies will be staying awake to watch as events unfold. There will be a live stream to the internet. We will have our own TV crews covering events as they unfold… but everybody is encouraged to film, record to witness events. Please email, text, facebook, twitter this event… near and far.

We sincerely believe that this will be history in the making…. but it depends on YOU.

Thank you 🙂


  • Driving: M56. M53 … to Birkenhead – Hamilton Square.
  • By train: Liverpool Lime Street – take underground (any train) to Hamilton Square.


The Economic Collapse
March 3, 2011

Did anyone out there anticipate that 2011 would be such a wild year?  The year is barely over two months old and we have already seen multiple civil wars erupt, rumors of more wars all over the mainstream media (potentially even including the United States), riots and revolutions breaking out all over the globe, oil prices soaring into the stratosphere and chaos on global financial markets.  So why is all of this happening?  Is all of this one big coincidence or is there a reason why we are witnessing such global chaos right now?  Is it just coincidence that revolutions have broken out in over a dozen countries in the Middle East all at the same time?  Is it just a coincidence that global prices for oil, food and precious metals are all skyrocketing?  Is it just a coincidence that world financial markets suddenly seem more vulnerable than at any time since 2008?  Looking at what is going on in the world right now, it is very tempting to use the phrase “a perfect storm” to describe it.  Unfortunately, this “perfect storm” is very likely to plunge the global economy into yet another financial collapse if it continues to get even worse.

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Coincidences are not accidents but signals from the universe which can guide us toward our true destiny…

From “The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire” by Deepak Chopra. © 2003 by Deepak Chopra. Excerpted by permission of Harmony, a division of Random House, Inc.

Most of us go through life a little afraid, a little nervous, a little excited. We are like children playing hide and seek, wanting to be found, yet hoping we won’t be, biting our nails with anticipation. We worry when opportunity approaches a little too closely, and hide deeper in the shadows when fear overcomes us. This is no way to go through life. People who understand the true nature of reality, those whom some traditions call enlightened, lose all sense of fear or concern. All worry disappears. Once you understand the way life really works—the flow of energy, information, and intelligence that directs every moment—then you begin to see the amazing potential in that moment. Mundane things just don’t bother you anymore. You become lighthearted and full of joy. You also begin to encounter more and more coincidences in your life.

When you live your life with an appreciation of coincidences and their meanings, you connect with the underlying field of infinite possibilities. This is when the magic begins. This is a state I call synchrodestiny, in which it becomes possible to achieve the spontaneous fulfillment of our every desire. Synchrodestiny requires gaining access to a place deep within yourself, while at the same time awakening to the intricate dance of coincidences out in the physical world.

When a coincidence arises, don’t ignore it. Ask yourself, What is the message here? What is the significance of this? You don’t need to go digging for the answers. Ask the question, and the answers will emerge. They may arrive as a sudden insight, a spontaneous creative experience, or they may be something very different. Perhaps you will meet a person who is somehow related to the coincidence that occurred. An encounter, a relationship, a chance meeting, a situation, a circumstance will immediately give you a clue to its meaning. “Oh, so that’s what it was all about!”

The key is to pay attention and inquire.

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I came across Kalai several years ago and at the time, ranted on as to how I thought he was about to hit the big-time! But.. nothing happened. I can’t help but feel that when you listen to him, there’s something very special there. Unique and powerful.

He’s made all the more interesting by the fact that he has a tumor in his left hand that makes it painful to play. So if you haven’t heard of him before, here’s the man…

The 9th Mayan Underworld

by Dr. Susan Shumsky

March 9, 2011 begins the 9th Wave of the Mayan Calendar, the cosmic countdown to the end of the calendar, which brings an end and new beginning to social, political, economic and geological cycles for America and the World.

With increased interest in the Mayan calendar, people sense a coming great shift in consciousness. Shifts in consciousness have been happening from the beginning of time, whenever there is a significant energy shift in the Mayan calendar, such as between any of its days and nights. Yet few people have considered the fulfillment of the cosmic plan will require them to become co-creators with this plan.

The ancient Maya describe the end of their calendar, the Tortuguero Monument 6. At that time, the 9-step entity, Bolon Yookte will “descend.” A combination of 9 cosmic forces, 9 wave movements, will simultaneously fully manifest. The meaning of the end of the calendar is not the end of the world. Rather, it is completion (fulfillment) of an evolutionary process that started at the beginning of time and led the world to what it is today.

These 9 cosmic forces are the 9 evolutionary progressions (Underworlds), which correlate with events in biological and historical evolution. Each progression develops a different frame of consciousness. The 9th and highest wave movement will produce the final shift to Unity Consciousness that will culminate as the calendar ends.

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Date: Friday 4 March 2011

Models suggest that there may be fewer, but more powerful, hurricanes as the world warms.

There’s tremendous variation in hurricane activity over time and from place to place. Various studies published since 2005 indicate that the number and/or strength of hurricanes have increased in various regions, especially since the 1970s. However, it’s likely that some hurricanes at sea went unnoticed in the days before satellites and hurricane-hunter aircraft, and that complicates the assessment. There’s no doubt, though, that hurricane activity has stepped up since the mid-1990s in the North Atlantic, where ocean temperatures have risen through long-term warming and an apparent multidecadal cycle in Atlantic currents. The tropics are part of a global trend toward ocean warming that goes hand in hand with atmospheric warming, and warm oceans provide the energy to drive hurricanes. As for the future, computer models tend to point towards fewer hurricanes overall (for reasons that aren’t yet firmed up) but a general strengthening of winds and rainfall in the hurricanes that do form.

Trends aside, a catastrophic storm can strike in any year, and it’s impossible to tie any single hurricane or other weather event directly to global warming. Take Hurricane Katrina, which ravaged New Orleans in 2005. Several hurricanes of comparable strength have been observed across the Atlantic over the past century. And the horrific damage caused to the city was the result not only of Katrina’s strength but also the storm’s track, the weakness of levees and many other factors. That said, the waters of the Gulf of Mexico that fuelled Katrina were at near-record warmth at the time.


Can you imagine?


Date: 2nd March 2011

Coming soon, the eye-tracking technology that will allow you to control your computer by sight

A laptop prototype has been unveiled with device which could allow users to control their computers by sight – and could make them even faster to use, according to the inventors.

The eye-tracking technology monitors the user’s gaze and works out where they’re looking on the computer screen and means, among other things, that users can play a game where they defeat enemies because the game’s lasers hit where they look. It can also scroll text on the screen in response to eye movements, sensing when the reader has reached the end of the visible text.

In the future, such a laptop could make the mouse cursor appear where they user is looking, or make a game character maintain eye contact, according to Tobii Technology Inc, the Swedish firm behind the tracking technology.

Now planned for commercial use, the eye tracker works by shining two invisible infrared lights at the user. Two hidden cameras then look for the ‘glints’ from eyeballs and reflections from each retina. It needs to be calibrated for each person, and works for those with or without glasses.

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How d’you find the words..?

Music from the film ‘Into the Wild’ by Eddie Vedder.