The 9th Mayan Underworld

by Dr. Susan Shumsky

March 9, 2011 begins the 9th Wave of the Mayan Calendar, the cosmic countdown to the end of the calendar, which brings an end and new beginning to social, political, economic and geological cycles for America and the World.

With increased interest in the Mayan calendar, people sense a coming great shift in consciousness. Shifts in consciousness have been happening from the beginning of time, whenever there is a significant energy shift in the Mayan calendar, such as between any of its days and nights. Yet few people have considered the fulfillment of the cosmic plan will require them to become co-creators with this plan.

The ancient Maya describe the end of their calendar, the Tortuguero Monument 6. At that time, the 9-step entity, Bolon Yookte will “descend.” A combination of 9 cosmic forces, 9 wave movements, will simultaneously fully manifest. The meaning of the end of the calendar is not the end of the world. Rather, it is completion (fulfillment) of an evolutionary process that started at the beginning of time and led the world to what it is today.

These 9 cosmic forces are the 9 evolutionary progressions (Underworlds), which correlate with events in biological and historical evolution. Each progression develops a different frame of consciousness. The 9th and highest wave movement will produce the final shift to Unity Consciousness that will culminate as the calendar ends.

The calendar develops according to 9 wave movements. The longest one goes back to the birth of the universe. The 9th wave will be 234 days long made up of 13 different uaxaclahunkin (18 day) periods. This places the beginning of the 9th wave at March 9, 2011.

These 9 cosmic forces are not acting separately from human beings. They will only manifest inasmuch as the humans align with them. The co-creation of this highest level requires that we truly commit to its purpose. As we enter the 9th wave, we celebrate March 9, 2011, in order to align with the highest, decisive wave of the Mayan calendar system, the 9th wave.

Some of the world’s greatest spiritual teachers have been describing their visions of what is to come, and how we are the future, we are the heroes, how our coming has been prophesied for thousands of years and that “WE ARE WHO WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR”!!

Author of 7 best-sellers, Dr. Susan Shumsky has 40 years experience as an educator in the consciousness field. She has authored Divine Revelation, Exploring Auras, Miracle Prayer, Exploring Meditation, How to Hear the Voice of God, Exploring Chakras, and the best-seller Ascension. For 22 years, she studied in the Swiss Alps, the Himalayas, and around the world, under the direct guidance of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, guru of the Beatles and Deepak Chopra, and she served on Maharishi’s personal staff for 7 years. For another 20 years, she has led the way in New Thought and metaphysics. Dr. Shumsky will be one of many amazing speakers at an upcoming cruise and seminar-at-sea celebrating the 9th wave of the Mayan Calendar. Visit for details.

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