Date: 27th November 2011

The Mail Online today has taken another pop at David Icke. The angle of the article is predictably mainstream in opinion and dollops out the same old stories with the firm intent of defacing both Mr. Icke’s views and character.

It’s clear to see how this article would read if you haven’t read any of Mr. Icke’s material – he would surely come across as some ex-celebrity wacko, fixated on global conspiracy theories and secret elite cabals and agendas. Most people who are familiar with Mr. Icke’s work would agree that there are some aspects to his presentations that they don’t fully resonate with (perhaps the reptilian and moon theories), but just because they don’t subscribe to a few of his beliefs doesn’t mean that they have to write him off as a total nut case. Much of  Mr. Icke’s material is a fascinating read and presents a plausible, albeit esoteric viewpoint on our society that attempts to account for the many problems inherent within our world today. It’s interesting and worth highlighting that the comments at the bottom of the article are mostly sympathetic to Mr. Icke.

The article certainly attempts to throw some hard-hitting punches by digging back into his past and pulling out the old ‘Wogan card‘ for example, as well as insinuating that he’s raking in the cash from both his books and shows. Maybe he is. One of the clear differences between Mr. Icke and other authors or speakers making money from their career, is that his subject deals with talking about a veil of illusion that blankets our perception of the REAL world, seeking to maintain a mindset of ignorance over awareness. But the figures and attendance levels (such as selling out the 2,100-seat Best Buy Theatre in New York’s Times Square) would suggest that at the very least, there is an increasing amount of people who are interested in hearing what he has to say.

In addition, it’s worth considering that the content of Mr. Icke’s ideas are no less provable than the Church’s dogma that there is a white, male deity who governs the lives of everyone on the planet from some pearly-white heavenly realm.

This article presented by one of the many mainstream media news outlets, clearly aims to ridicule Mr. Icke for the content, success and popularity of his work. And it’s clear why – because the content undermines the authenticity of the mainstream’s manufactured story of our reality, as well as disempowering the control system. The cherry on the top has to be that the gutless little shit-muncher(s) who peddled this cheap slop, failed to summon the courage to sign his/her name but rather to sign the article as The Daily Mail Reporter – thus only serving to unmask the true author, as none other than ‘Big Brother’.

At least with Mr. Icke we know who we’re dealing with and are actively encouraged to challenge his research and to come to our own conclusion.

If you are new to David Icke, here’s his story in his own words…

PS: I have just come across another article via ‘Prison Planet’ that has produced a similar article for the Sun’s website: