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The intention of this blog is to create a source from which you can explore all sorts of information by looking for a question that resonates with you.

More and more people are waking up to the realization that the systems of control in the world are increasingly tightening their grip on our lives, and in so doing have become more transparent, subsequently illuminating an outdated and tyrannical system that favors the corporation over the individual. With the advancement of technology and increased access to information, these systems are becoming better understood by the indiviual – unmasking a world order designed to enslave our hearts and minds through fear, for the purposes on control. It is my belief and hope that as we move into the future the curtain of lies and deceit that stifle creativity and enforce uniformity will give way to a world of unity, compassion, peace and infinite potential…

‘Freedom is not a privilege, it’s a natural right’

In conclusion I would like to pay a special thank you to Henrik Palmgren and his team at RedIceCreations for all their work, research and interviews – many of which have made their way onto this blog with the intention of sharing important material. I hope you enjoy the blog and invite you to participate by voicing your thoughts and sharing your ideas. – Mish

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