Category: Agenda 21

Agenda21Below you will find the ‘Agenda 21’ document for your consideration. Click, download and make up your own mind as to the meaning of its content.

Agenda21 (Full document)

Note: Seeing as this is such a long document and is going to take some time to go through, if anyone comes across a passage that they feel is particularly relevant, please let me know as it would be useful the highlight the parts of greatest concern.


This is the first quick post relating to ‘Agenda 21’ and the first post of what I hope to becomes an important and constantly updated category. The clip outlines the main points of concern about this topic. Agenda 21 is everywhere and once you understand what it is, and what it aims to achieve you may come to realise that it’s already right under your nose and is perhaps the fundamental reason the world is shaping into the form we see it today.