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It’s here at last!! After over a year of painting in my spare time, my creative journey with ‘ Kokapelli ‘ is at an end and it’s time to share it with you all. Enjoy!

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Went to the John Martin ‘Apocalypse’ exhibition at the Tate in London yesterday. Previously, I was familiar with John Martin the singer, but hadn’t realised there was a famous artist too. I also hadn’t realised his work was used as inspiration for Roland Emmerich’s 2012 film.

I highly recommend going. IT IS EPIC!!!

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Tate Britain 21 September 2011 – 15 January 2012

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Date: Thursday 17 February 2011

Banksy targets LA ahead of Oscars

Banksy is on the loose in Hollywood. That’s the theory, anyway, as Banksy-style graffiti artworks have sprung up across Los Angeles – just as the voters for the Academy Awards are getting ready to cast their ballots.

With the final deadline for Oscar poll on Tuesday 22 February, the supposition is that Banksy – if indeed it is he – is drumming up publicity for his film Exit Through the Gift Shop, which is a contender in the best documentary category.

Reports began to emerge on 15 February that Banksy’s work had appeared in various locations across the city. The first to be photographed and posted was an image of child soldier holding a machine gun that fired crayon bullets. Later that day, spotters noticed a drawing of Charlie Brown smoking a cigarette while pouring fuel out of a petrol can – situated on the side of a burnt-out building.

The sightings were later confirmed as genuine pieces when photographs were posted on Banksy’s own website, along with other images including Pissing Dog, in which a stencilled image of a canine was drawn on a wall at one end of a long streak of yellow paint in the shape of a crashing profit curve.


The most controversial work, however, was that on a billboard directly opposite the Directors Guild of America HQ on Sunset Boulevard. A poster advertising The Light Group – a property, nightclub and restaurant developer – was stencilled over with images of a cocktail-guzzling Mickey Mouse grasping a woman’s breast. As the poster was being removed, an altercation broke out between workmen and a man who repeatedly claimed the poster was his “property” – presumably triggered by the fact that authentic Banksy works are of massive commercial value. A video of the incident was posted on

A representative of The Light Group later said: “We were flattered Banksy tagged on our ad – it was epic.”

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Below is the DVD case design I did for the ARC Convention presentations. These are available from the ARC website and at the venue. They are also available to watch on YouTube.

Several years ago I worked with The Bombay Dub Orchestra to produce a music video for their track called ‘Feel’. They were kind enough to give me full, creative reign and so over the course of two months the animation below was the result.

The video was entirely hand drawn and animated using Macromedia Flash and although this was a lengthy process, its aim of  maintaining  an organic quality was achieved. I hope you enjoy it…

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It’d would be great to get a little gallery going for us to share our artwork on related subjects. Add it as a comment, or send it to me and i’ll post it. Either way it’d be a nice feature to have on the site…

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