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Date: 27th November 2011

The Mail Online today has taken another pop at David Icke. The angle of the article is predictably mainstream in opinion and dollops out the same old stories with the firm intent of defacing both Mr. Icke’s views and character.

It’s clear to see how this article would read if you haven’t read any of Mr. Icke’s material – he would surely come across as some ex-celebrity wacko, fixated on global conspiracy theories and secret elite cabals and agendas. Most people who are familiar with Mr. Icke’s work would agree that there are some aspects to his presentations that they don’t fully resonate with (perhaps the reptilian and moon theories), but just because they don’t subscribe to a few of his beliefs doesn’t mean that they have to write him off as a total nut case. Much of  Mr. Icke’s material is a fascinating read and presents a plausible, albeit esoteric viewpoint on our society that attempts to account for the many problems inherent within our world today. It’s interesting and worth highlighting that the comments at the bottom of the article are mostly sympathetic to Mr. Icke.

The article certainly attempts to throw some hard-hitting punches by digging back into his past and pulling out the old ‘Wogan card‘ for example, as well as insinuating that he’s raking in the cash from both his books and shows. Maybe he is. One of the clear differences between Mr. Icke and other authors or speakers making money from their career, is that his subject deals with talking about a veil of illusion that blankets our perception of the REAL world, seeking to maintain a mindset of ignorance over awareness. But the figures and attendance levels (such as selling out the 2,100-seat Best Buy Theatre in New York’s Times Square) would suggest that at the very least, there is an increasing amount of people who are interested in hearing what he has to say.

In addition, it’s worth considering that the content of Mr. Icke’s ideas are no less provable than the Church’s dogma that there is a white, male deity who governs the lives of everyone on the planet from some pearly-white heavenly realm.

This article presented by one of the many mainstream media news outlets, clearly aims to ridicule Mr. Icke for the content, success and popularity of his work. And it’s clear why – because the content undermines the authenticity of the mainstream’s manufactured story of our reality, as well as disempowering the control system. The cherry on the top has to be that the gutless little shit-muncher(s) who peddled this cheap slop, failed to summon the courage to sign his/her name but rather to sign the article as The Daily Mail Reporter – thus only serving to unmask the true author, as none other than ‘Big Brother’.

At least with Mr. Icke we know who we’re dealing with and are actively encouraged to challenge his research and to come to our own conclusion.

If you are new to David Icke, here’s his story in his own words…

PS: I have just come across another article via ‘Prison Planet’ that has produced a similar article for the Sun’s website:

Four years ago I was plucked from my normal perception of the world and cast into a pit of questioning. It was as if I suddenly felt that the world really wasn’t quite right. The sort of feeling that starts in the heart, moves to your head and then slowly turns your stomach. The more I began to ask questions, the more I realized how one sided the world I had been living in had been. I had been given a perspective, a dollop of warm mash potato with very little flavor or texture and served on a white plate of reason.

I burrowed through the internet collecting YouTube videos and documents of interest, like I was a squirrel in the grips of a mad panic to collect food for the winter. I added links to my sites of other sites, started blogging, started attending seminars of esoteric subjects and created cartoons and illustrations that I submitted free of charge to alternative news media with the firm intent of participating in this new wave of consciousness.

Had there been a label warning me of the dangers of expanding my consciousness with information and the potential for creating a gap between friends and family, the question is, would I still have taken a bite from the forbidden fruit? Yes, without question. Not because I would want to hurt those close to me but because the desire to learn more, was a feeling that wouldn’t go away and the only way to feel better was to continue to  research.

Four years on and I feel a profound sense of connection to life and better yet, it’s with me more and more frequently. One of the most powerful tools I have found for maintaining a sense of groundedness (and it’s easy to go off the rails in the early stages of one’s awakening) is the work of Eckhart Tolle. His work on the Power of Now and his understanding of the ego, is truly liberating and I would recommend him to anyone looking to find or add peace to their lives. The one thing we all have in common, is the search or necessity for peace of mind.

And yet even after feeling that I have grown as an individual (and at the same time understanding that in fact I am not separate from anyone or anything) I still find myself walking head on into situations and mindlessly letting my ego run amuck. It’s curious to feel a sense of shame, like you’ve let yourself down by falling back into the old-self habits. But then something happens that never happened before. You forgive yourself. You let go of the past and reconnect with the present and that familiar sinking feeling ebbs away, like the evaporating vapour from morning dew.

The path that increasingly more and more people are finding themselves on, is one of awareness. The normal road of accepting the prescribed formula and reason for things happening in the world, no longer embodies integrity. The mainstream, scrapes layer upon layer of fear and disinformation across the bread of our lives, leaving a disheveled slice of reality. It is only when one realizes that behind you is a platter of soul-satisfying fruit and thirst-quenching wine, that one is able to switch life paths and connect with a far deeper awareness of reality.

There is another aspect to this transformation that is awkward and worth navigating through gently; words. The language I use now contains words that I never used to use before. Words like consciousness, energy, time-space, fractal and duality, are words that the average unconscious citizen rarely uses and it has been an eye-opening experience to watch people shut down when these terms are used to describe one’s experience of life. The invisible branding iron is whipped out, stamps the speaker and severs the connection of interest and understanding. Learning to use more colloquial definitions has become an increasing challenge, as has learning to avoid these subjects altogether with those not already walking the path of enquiry.

Love, patience, humility and gratitude are the coals that need gentle stoking in order to allow this train to leave the station, and it is worth considering that this great voyage we are about to embark on together, is not one that necessarily takes place wholly in the external world. For behind the eyes of the perceiver lye the blue skies of infinite consciousness and the peace of mind that as a race, we are all so desperately seeking.

In light of today’s earthquake/tsunami in Japan, I thought it worth throwing this post up while the numbers of visitors are higher than average!

Although the ‘mainstream’ view of our ancestors is one of primitives wearing nothing but a goat-skin pair of pants and wielding some form of club, it may be worth paying a little more attention to what’s  in the background of this ‘picture’.

Below is an ancient wall in Cusco, Peru. The stones fit so perfectly that no blade of grass or steel can slide between them. There is no mortar. They often join in complex and irregular surfaces that would appear to be a nightmare for the stonemason.

There are no other walls like these. They are different from Stonehenge, different from the Pyramids of the Egyptians and the Maya, different from any of the other ancient monolithic stone-works.

Many people speculate about their intended purpose, but on a day like today and given Cusco’s location, I can help but wonder if this ancient people built these walls to keep floodwaters or a tsunami out…? Then there’s the fact that there are some temples in the world, like Baalbeck in  Lebanon, that have used stones that weigh something close to 350 tons – which even today with all our technology we are still unable to copy,  let alone move.

Perhaps a day like today will encourage more people to take an interest in our ancient history with a view to protecting our future…

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Do questions drive us?

The Mishunderstanding Blog‎ had 4,755 visits to in February and so I’d like to thank everyone who has dropped in, passed through or signed up.

‘It’s the question that drives us Neo…’

How are you using Facebook?

While the concerns about Facebook are legitimate, I feel it’s important to remind oneself every now and then, that there are many daily messages/posts that are helping to spread the word about ways to stand up against the global banks. Here’s one such example…

If you have been wanting to have your own website but have been afraid of development and maintenance costs, I have a suggestion for you.

I recently stumbled acrsoss a website called Here they provide an online service that allows to build your own Flash website with a minimum of fuss. For a small fee you can also bolt on an e-commerce widget, that will allow you to build your own online store or add PayPal buttons. Don’t be fooled into thinking by their logo, that this is gimicky.  It’s actually really rather good and can (hopefully) only get better with customer feedback.

I am currently in the process of redesigning my website ( and have come to view as the tool I have been waiting for. I had just been getting to grips with Macromedia Flash’s Actionscript 2, when Actionscript 3 appeared having radically updated the programming language, making what I had learnt out of date. Wix is a purely front end development tool that allows the user to design their website without having to know all the code and the great thing is, is it’s packed with animated buttons, widgets, icons etc, that you can not only drag and drop, but customise to suit your style or needs.

It’s easy to get to grips with and enables the user to publish the site immediately, without the need for a seperate  FTP client. This makes it a doddle to update and puts you in the driver’s seat in terms of keeping the site up to date, without the need to outsource to work to an expensive design firm. Check it out…

It’s the most incredible experience to find new truths and realizations emerging within yourself. For those of you who have not taken to what the Buddhists call ‘The Path of Equiry’, truth may be merely nothing more than what you could surmise as indisputable fact. But truth, I am now coming to understand, is simply what you believe at the time. Belief and truth have a close association and resonate in union to create power and it’s this power that we use to create or manifest our desires.

Simply put, ‘The Path of Inquiry’ is the process of answering internal questions about life and its meaning. One of the questions that I came to ask at the beginning of my journey was ‘why don’t more people in our society wonder what its all about?’. I found it extraordinary that frequently the response to most of my searching questions was ‘Mish, you think too deeply’ or ‘Mate, it is just what it is, just get on with it!’

I remember as a child, the sense of wonder and magic of the natural world and the way that my imagination reacted to it. I have a strong memory of being nine years old, sat underneath a tree with roots protruding from the ground like a pile of gnarly wooden elbows, playing with a collection of plastic Smurfs. I used small twigs and stones to create miniature moss-thatched dwellings for my little blue friends and in turn, felt a deep sense of peace through that process of creation. Of course, back then I was a child and my mind had not yet become polluted by the fixed thoughts and ideals of the adult world and so as an experience, it was just simply fun.

As I moved into adulthood, simplicity gave way to questioning and the answers that were provided through the educational system and through society’s perception of reality, for a time put my mind at ease. As time went by though, I began to feel a dissatisfaction with the answers that I had been given, as though I had been handed a bottle of the most incredible wine and told never to remove the cork.

The journey of deeper questioning that I started three years ago has been a rocky, twisty and frequently painful road to travel, but the wisdom, truth, connection and love that it has shared with me, has filled me with the most profound sense of wonder and awe at the greater meaning of the experience we call life.

The world is changing day-to-day and more and more people are beginning to question the structure and fabric of our reality. There’s an emerging sense of the true value of our lives and I can only feel humble gratitude for the unseen force that is guiding us towards this greater perception of the majesty of truth.

Follow your heart, for it is the eyes of your soul and the gateway to finding you own sense of inner peace…

Yet again, Lady Gaga is on the front page of the tabloids. This time she’s adorned in a dress made entirely of cuts of meat. Initially one’s reaction to this, is of disgust (or at least it should be). But if we look at this ‘stunt’ via the eyes or understanding of the emergence of the new shift in global consciousness, we could view this as a good thing. Bare with me…

The way that we currently farm livestock for mass consumption needs to be reviewed and a story like this, splashed across the ‘mediascape’ will help to bring this subject into the forefront of our culture’s mind. Yes, Lady Gaga is clearly a worryingly disturbed individual, but if we look at this particular incident in the slightly longer term, then perhaps we can see it as catalyst for change that will bring about more awareness  relating to how the food on the supermarket shelves is produced.

I should have written this yesterday as it would have been a fitting realisation for September 11th..

At 8:33 am I woke with this thought staring me in the face.

If you are someone who has started down the road of alternative truth-seeking and are up to speed with the shenanigans of the  global elite, then you’ll be on familiar ground.

The ‘All Seeing Eye’ symbol has been one of the most talked about elements of the conspiracy movement for years and I’m sure for many, was one of the key elements that sparked curiosity relating to the meaning behind the symbols that most people dismiss as mere  corporate branding. The Dollar Bill, AOL, CAT, Mitsubishi and many other corporate-like logos, employ the pyramid to subconsciously illustrate their allegiance to the New World Order’s agenda.

The realisation I had yesterday was to do with the salute used by the armed forces across the globe. As you know, the right arm is raised at 45 degrees with the tips of the fingers pointing to the eye. You can see where this is going. The gesture of a salute creates half of the image of the pyramid and the ‘All Seeing Eye’.

I don’t know if this is something that has been covered by other researchers already and it’s certainly not something that I have come across before but the power of this realisation is poignant. It changes the way one sees the armed forces. It creates a visual allegiance, to the dark forces of the hidden power elite. Let me stress, that in no way does this mean that I believe the brave men and woman of the world who choose to put their lives on the line for freedom, are themselves, evil, bad etc., but moreover, to illuminate a new perspective of where their actual loyalties may lie.

This realisation though, could have a profound effect on the way we view the salute and only further serves to illustrate the depth of the deception that has been hidden in plain sight for so many years.

It is my hope that as we move into the new paradigm we will come to universally realise that violence only creates more violence and further helps to strengthen the cycle of fear. Wars and conflict, while on the surface may appear to be fought with weapons, are actually fought on a deeper level by one’s individual participation or consciousness.

Many of us who tread the path of Alternative Truth Seeking are frequently subjected to criticism, humiliation and social ostracization by the mere mention of subjects relating to the occult or a new-found understanding of spiritualism . The question is, if this is all a load of mumbo-jumbo, tin-foil-hat wearing nonsense, then how do we account for the bombardment of pyramid/eye symbolism used in movies, the media and corporate branding? Feedback, suggestions or comments as always are welcome…


Chinese lanterns, I have been told, are illegal in the UK? – Will check this out…  Nevertheless, we are increasingly seeing them rising out of the landscape, drifting across the skyline and then disappearing from sight. If you take a look on YouTube there are a few cases where people who are not familiar with them, jump to the conclusion that they are witnessing a UFO.

This in turn (regardless of whether or not they find out later that it isn’t a UFO) starts to generate dialogue about the potential existence of otherworldly craft or beings and as a result moves their conciousness to a higher state of awareness.

It dawned on me this afternoon that Iron Man seems to be using subconcious symbolism based on the third chackra (Solar Plexus). What is interesting too, is the paralel of a concious being inside a highly intelligent body suit that is capable of flight and other superhuman feats.

The characteristic of the third chakra also fits as it related to self asteem, a trait which the character in the film Tony Stark seems to have plenty of.

There is also a scene in the film where the antagonist removes the ‘miniturised arc reactor’ from Tony Starks chest and if you look at it symbolically, it looks identical to a flower, which is what the chakras are identified with.

Finally, the third chakra’s colour is yellow and again we see this represented in the Iron Man’s body armour. Note: before the hot-rod red is added, the suit is entirely yellow.

As this was a realisation, I don’t know if anyone else has picked up on this but I thought it was worth sharing.

This blog is dedicated to the art of musing…

Eternal Flame?

I was thinking about some of the aspects that Rik Clay covered in his interview on RedIceCreations, in particular with reference to Diana – Princess of Wales and the ‘eternal flame’. Out of nowhere came the thought of that old Bangle’s song – ‘Eternal Flame’. As usual these days, I try to immediately follow my intuition and so got onto YouTube to have a look at the video.

Right off the bat, the vid starts with a close up of the singer’s eye (all-seeing eye reference?). It then continues throughout the song to encapsulate aspects of sun salutation,  a strong theme of sun and of water, as well as incorporating a resonance of the goddess Isis throughout.

Funny how once you understand the basics of ancient symbolism you see it being used in multiple forms of media, littered through history. If you’re interested in symbolism or would like to know more, check out Michael Tsarion’s ‘The Subversive Use of Sacred Symbolism in the Media’ talk:

This is a question I’d really like to get some feedback on, not just to do with my local community but communities globally. How can we restore or strengthen people’s relationship to one an another and in turn prepare for a future where abundance gives way to scarcity?

What are your thoughts?

‘Embrace your fears, for they open the doors to courage and reward you with the gift of peace.’

Fear can only take hold of you, when you feel you have something to lose;  your job, your house, your life! If we view the world through the eyes of love and compassion whilst being mindful of the cyclical nature of life and death, then we can take comfort in the fact that its inevitable and that while the physical body will perish, our energy, spirit or consciousness will once again return to its source.

When we shift our consciousness to a wider perspective, we see that everything is connected. There is no separation. Everything needs everything else in order to be what it is and it’s love that is the fuel of creativity and potential.

Fear dilutes and eventually denies potential and so therefore in a state of fear, you limit the options for self-expression and experience.

Embrace your fears… like bungee jumping naked in the woods with your other half!! – m

How did this all come about?

This all started from an idea…