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Who are you?

A truly remarkable look at our galaxy and ourselves. Max Igan articulately and beautifully takes you on a quest of discovery.



Episode 1

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Episode 1

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As part of the build up to Christmas I have spent the last three weeks animating a wee seasonal tribute to The Wurzels – hope you enjoy! – Mish


For anybody interested in tracking the movements of ‘Comet’ Elenin, click on the link below and type into the search box: C/2010 X1. Then click on ‘Show Orbit Diagram’ and it will bring up a time-based simulation of its projected trajectory…

Also, this might be of interest:

The internet is buzzing with talk of comet Elenin and it’s projected trajectory etc. Here is an interview with Brooks Agnew, that provides a brief and level-headed explanation/discussion about the subject…

38 Degrees brings you together with other people to take action on the issues that matter to you and bring about real change.

There are now over half a million of us involved in 38 Degrees and we’ve proved that when we work together we can make change happen.

So now we need to answer an important question: what should we do next? How could we be ramping up our existing campaigns? What new campaigns should we be working on together?

38 Degrees Campaign Film from 38 Degrees on Vimeo.

The 9th Mayan Underworld

by Dr. Susan Shumsky

March 9, 2011 begins the 9th Wave of the Mayan Calendar, the cosmic countdown to the end of the calendar, which brings an end and new beginning to social, political, economic and geological cycles for America and the World.

With increased interest in the Mayan calendar, people sense a coming great shift in consciousness. Shifts in consciousness have been happening from the beginning of time, whenever there is a significant energy shift in the Mayan calendar, such as between any of its days and nights. Yet few people have considered the fulfillment of the cosmic plan will require them to become co-creators with this plan.

The ancient Maya describe the end of their calendar, the Tortuguero Monument 6. At that time, the 9-step entity, Bolon Yookte will “descend.” A combination of 9 cosmic forces, 9 wave movements, will simultaneously fully manifest. The meaning of the end of the calendar is not the end of the world. Rather, it is completion (fulfillment) of an evolutionary process that started at the beginning of time and led the world to what it is today.

These 9 cosmic forces are the 9 evolutionary progressions (Underworlds), which correlate with events in biological and historical evolution. Each progression develops a different frame of consciousness. The 9th and highest wave movement will produce the final shift to Unity Consciousness that will culminate as the calendar ends.

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George H.W. Bush Receives Medal of ‘Freedom’

More rediculous  and offensive ceremonial pomp churned out by the elite’s media. ‘For services rendered to the Corporation of America’ – (not the people)

President Barack Obama honored former President George H.W. Bush this afternoon with the nation’s highest civilian award, the Medal of Freedom, at an emotional White House ceremony.

“His life is a testament that public service is a noble calling,” Obama said. “We celebrate an extraordinary life of service and of sacrifice.”

Bush, 86, smiled and wiped his eyes a few times during the ceremony in the East Room, packed with cameras, senators, Cabinet members and most of Bush’s immediate family, along with friends and family of other medal recipients.

Obama spoke of Bush’s “humility and decency” and a career of service that spanned seven decades, from “decorated Navy pilot who nearly gave his life in World War II to U.S. ambassador to the United Nations , from CIA director to U.S. envoy to China to the vice presidency.”

New World Order – Bush senior’s speach….

Can I just say…?

Happy Grinchmas to everyone who has visited and supported my blog over the past year. Thank you and best wishes for 2011!

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Where have you gone Mish?

Hi folks. Just a quick apology for not having added any recent post to the blog recently. Life has thrown up a few challenges that have required me to be away for a while. Looking forward to picking up where I left off.

All the best, Mish

I should have written this yesterday as it would have been a fitting realisation for September 11th..

At 8:33 am I woke with this thought staring me in the face.

If you are someone who has started down the road of alternative truth-seeking and are up to speed with the shenanigans of the  global elite, then you’ll be on familiar ground.

The ‘All Seeing Eye’ symbol has been one of the most talked about elements of the conspiracy movement for years and I’m sure for many, was one of the key elements that sparked curiosity relating to the meaning behind the symbols that most people dismiss as mere  corporate branding. The Dollar Bill, AOL, CAT, Mitsubishi and many other corporate-like logos, employ the pyramid to subconsciously illustrate their allegiance to the New World Order’s agenda.

The realisation I had yesterday was to do with the salute used by the armed forces across the globe. As you know, the right arm is raised at 45 degrees with the tips of the fingers pointing to the eye. You can see where this is going. The gesture of a salute creates half of the image of the pyramid and the ‘All Seeing Eye’.

I don’t know if this is something that has been covered by other researchers already and it’s certainly not something that I have come across before but the power of this realisation is poignant. It changes the way one sees the armed forces. It creates a visual allegiance, to the dark forces of the hidden power elite. Let me stress, that in no way does this mean that I believe the brave men and woman of the world who choose to put their lives on the line for freedom, are themselves, evil, bad etc., but moreover, to illuminate a new perspective of where their actual loyalties may lie.

This realisation though, could have a profound effect on the way we view the salute and only further serves to illustrate the depth of the deception that has been hidden in plain sight for so many years.

It is my hope that as we move into the new paradigm we will come to universally realise that violence only creates more violence and further helps to strengthen the cycle of fear. Wars and conflict, while on the surface may appear to be fought with weapons, are actually fought on a deeper level by one’s individual participation or consciousness.

Many of us who tread the path of Alternative Truth Seeking are frequently subjected to criticism, humiliation and social ostracization by the mere mention of subjects relating to the occult or a new-found understanding of spiritualism . The question is, if this is all a load of mumbo-jumbo, tin-foil-hat wearing nonsense, then how do we account for the bombardment of pyramid/eye symbolism used in movies, the media and corporate branding? Feedback, suggestions or comments as always are welcome…


Nicola Tesla – Wikipedia

Published: 7:57pm,  23 Jul 2010


Tony Blair sent British troops into Afghanistan in 2001, only weeks after the passengered bombs flew into the World Trade Centre. His response to that mind-boggling, televised atrocity was shockingly rapid: I remember well that the nuclear submarines HMS Triumph and HMS Trafalgar started shooting cruise missiles into “the Taliban frontline” which was vaguely “up country”, or “near Kabul”, in early October, because it was the same week that Jo Moore was having to apologise on camera for that very crass email about September 11 being a good day to bury bad news.

After which, there was a lot of Boy’s Own stuff in the papers about turbanned warriors with 19th- and 20th-century Lee-Enfields galloping through defiles and trying to escape drones – or were they frantically calling the Pentagon on their satphones and asking for drones to come and support them? One forgets. It was a decade ago.

After September 11, British involvement in Afghanistan seemed inevitable. Once Tony Blair had been to Ground Zero, once he had been greeted as a brother by George W. Bush, standing shoulder to shoulder felt like a perfectly reasonable thing to do, both in a national interest kind of a way (you can’t have beardie madmen knocking down a Western metropolis when they feel like it) and in a special relationship-y kind of a way. Since Bush was obviously going to have to go and get the self-proclaimed destroyer of downtown New York, and since our nifty special forces were going to be up for chasing Osama bin Laden through the Tora Bora mountains, a short deployment in Central Asia seemed OK to me.

What I never grasped was how very messianic Tony Blair would turn out to be, nor that he meant exactly what he’d said after the apocalypse: “The kaleidoscope has been shaken, the pieces are in flux, soon they will settle again. Before they do, let us reorder this world around us…”

He meant it literally about reordering the world; I thought it was an oratorical flight when I heard it (and committed it to memory, so as to remember never to trust the man again). But it wasn’t. There’s a bit at the end that I’d forgotten: “Let us reorder the world around use_SLpsand use modern science to provide prosperity for all.” Deary me. In Afghanistan? He wanted a nice suburban place with midwifery colleges, drop-in needle exchanges for heroin addicts, primary schools where every girl matters and all must have their five a day? They don’t have roads. Countries without roads are not easy to enrich.

A decade on, Woman’s Hour is getting extremely upset about Afghan women. Ever since Laura Bush and Cherie Blair came together on the evening news (on both sides of the Atlantic) to decry the forced wearing of burqas and the proscription of nail varnish by the vicious Taliban, we have all known that the Fifth Afghan War was being fought for women. “In Afghanistan, only the terrorists and the Taliban threaten to pull out women’s fingernails for wearing nail polish,” Mrs Bush (a woman with an immaculate manicure at all times) told America. Cherie Blair meshed her fingers over her face and mugged through them to camera, to indicate how oppressive the burqa was. That was in 2003. Perhaps women – or Woman’s Hour – did feel better about warmongering and war-making if they believed that women were being rescued from oppression because of it?

Well, the nail varnish angle has worn pretty thin. Woman’s Hour‘s concerns this week were about a report by Human Rights Watch: it is very sober reading, very worrying about how women’s rights will fare under that old mountebank Karzai, very anxious that “the world” will work to deal with child marriage, forced marriage, women’s access to justice and schooling (pretty non-existent, after a brief flowering) and violence.

“The world” may not be listening. Everybody wants to leave Afghanistan. Obama, Denmark, us, everybody in the Nato mission. Canada is leaving in 2011, which is in about five minutes’ in miltary terms; Cameron is promising 2015. It would have been better if we – and by “we” I mean you, Tony, obviously – had passed by on the other side of that conflict, frankly.