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The Awakening of Joe Citizen is a new project that I am undertaking to create a cartoon strip that follows a regular person called Joe Citizen as he wakes up to the greater reality of the world he lives in. Many people worldwide have found themselves in his position, and so I’m hoping that people will relate to his experiences, and for those people who haven’t – that’s ok, but it will remain my hope that it encourages you to investigate subjects that you are not familiar with, a little more than you have in the past.

Follow Joe through both his highs and lows and please feel free to comment on his experiences and thoughts…


It’s here at last!! After over a year of painting in my spare time, my creative journey with ‘ Kokapelli ‘ is at an end and it’s time to share it with you all. Enjoy!

If you are interested, canvas prints are available from my website at: www.missiongraphics.co.uk

Or, if you would like to read more about the journey, please visit my creative blog at:  http://missiongraphicsblog.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/kokapelli-finished-at-last.html

As part of the build up to Christmas I have spent the last three weeks animating a wee seasonal tribute to The Wurzels – hope you enjoy! – Mish


Four years ago I was plucked from my normal perception of the world and cast into a pit of questioning. It was as if I suddenly felt that the world really wasn’t quite right. The sort of feeling that starts in the heart, moves to your head and then slowly turns your stomach. The more I began to ask questions, the more I realized how one sided the world I had been living in had been. I had been given a perspective, a dollop of warm mash potato with very little flavor or texture and served on a white plate of reason.

I burrowed through the internet collecting YouTube videos and documents of interest, like I was a squirrel in the grips of a mad panic to collect food for the winter. I added links to my sites of other sites, started blogging, started attending seminars of esoteric subjects and created cartoons and illustrations that I submitted free of charge to alternative news media with the firm intent of participating in this new wave of consciousness.

Had there been a label warning me of the dangers of expanding my consciousness with information and the potential for creating a gap between friends and family, the question is, would I still have taken a bite from the forbidden fruit? Yes, without question. Not because I would want to hurt those close to me but because the desire to learn more, was a feeling that wouldn’t go away and the only way to feel better was to continue to  research.

Four years on and I feel a profound sense of connection to life and better yet, it’s with me more and more frequently. One of the most powerful tools I have found for maintaining a sense of groundedness (and it’s easy to go off the rails in the early stages of one’s awakening) is the work of Eckhart Tolle. His work on the Power of Now and his understanding of the ego, is truly liberating and I would recommend him to anyone looking to find or add peace to their lives. The one thing we all have in common, is the search or necessity for peace of mind.

And yet even after feeling that I have grown as an individual (and at the same time understanding that in fact I am not separate from anyone or anything) I still find myself walking head on into situations and mindlessly letting my ego run amuck. It’s curious to feel a sense of shame, like you’ve let yourself down by falling back into the old-self habits. But then something happens that never happened before. You forgive yourself. You let go of the past and reconnect with the present and that familiar sinking feeling ebbs away, like the evaporating vapour from morning dew.

The path that increasingly more and more people are finding themselves on, is one of awareness. The normal road of accepting the prescribed formula and reason for things happening in the world, no longer embodies integrity. The mainstream, scrapes layer upon layer of fear and disinformation across the bread of our lives, leaving a disheveled slice of reality. It is only when one realizes that behind you is a platter of soul-satisfying fruit and thirst-quenching wine, that one is able to switch life paths and connect with a far deeper awareness of reality.

There is another aspect to this transformation that is awkward and worth navigating through gently; words. The language I use now contains words that I never used to use before. Words like consciousness, energy, time-space, fractal and duality, are words that the average unconscious citizen rarely uses and it has been an eye-opening experience to watch people shut down when these terms are used to describe one’s experience of life. The invisible branding iron is whipped out, stamps the speaker and severs the connection of interest and understanding. Learning to use more colloquial definitions has become an increasing challenge, as has learning to avoid these subjects altogether with those not already walking the path of enquiry.

Love, patience, humility and gratitude are the coals that need gentle stoking in order to allow this train to leave the station, and it is worth considering that this great voyage we are about to embark on together, is not one that necessarily takes place wholly in the external world. For behind the eyes of the perceiver lye the blue skies of infinite consciousness and the peace of mind that as a race, we are all so desperately seeking.

I am currently working on my next painting called ‘Kokopelli‘. The final picture is not too far away from being finished – will post the final picture and a slideshow of its lifecycle soon…

‘Spirit of the Forest’

(Still in progress)

‘The Glade’


‘The Water Wood’





‘The Hornblower’


Can you feel the change?

Here is my latest background design for the ARC2 DVD cover  (they’ll be available to buy at the conference in Bath, on the 19th/20th February, 2011)

Here’s my latest poster design for the Alternative Research Community (ARC). Click here to find out more: http://www.arcconvention.org/ARC3.html

The history of this planet shows that people have been penalized for free thinking. We live in the greatest tyranny this world can hold. A tyranny that reaches far and colonizes space. We are being unaware of it because we’re being fed a story that is only a part of the truth.

A dark shroud has been cast over our consciousness, a darkness so vast that many of us are truly afraid to live. But sometimes the darkest challenges, the most difficult lessons, hold the greatest gems of light. Only in the darkness light can be seen. Like a beautiful star in the night sky.

Please click on the link below to visit the site and to hear Karen Sawyer’s latest interview:


Does this post need a title?

Below is a gallery of the MG Graphics I produced in 2010. Hope you enjoy….

Way back when I first heard the interview on RedIceCreations with Rik Clay, I remember feeling a curious pull to the information about ‘X’. There were all sorts of bits of information about it that tweaked my curiosity but I never got round to researching it.

This evening, after having watched the last two episodes of The Prisoner (new version), X popped into my head and I instinctively hopped on the Web to finally find out a little more. I decided to start with the definition and so went straight to Wikipedia. I copied the text (as I always do) and pasted it into the post with the title above.

As I added the bullet points of ‘Uses of X’, I came across the one saying: In cartoons, Xs are drawn instead of eyes to indicate the death of a character. To the left of my bed, on the wall, is hung a painting I did years and years ago called ‘Perkie Arrives’.  I looked at the painting because I remembered that Perkie’s eyes are X’s. Right then, right in front of my eyes, the painting feel of the wall and landed on the floor. To makes matters even more curious, when I looked to check the time (as I always do these days when strange things happen) I saw it was 5:55. Even now, I look at the clock and it’s 6:55pm!

The picture to the left is ‘Perkie Arrives’. Perkie has also always been known as ‘The Zen Mechanic’

Right off the bad I tried to call Karen, but was greeted with a ‘line engaged’ sound and so immediately called my friend Sara. Suffice to say we had a good ‘ole chat about it! Sara also pointed out that Ellis Taylor has recently studied X and has written an article about it relating to Simon Cowell:


Because my personal paintings are spontaneous, for me they carry an air of mystery. I sometime struggle to understand what they’re all about. The Perkie painting has been with me for about 12-13 years now and seems to suggest my true ‘Self’ exiting a white ball, which could be seen as mainstream conciousness give the way I now see the world. The ‘Xs are drawn instead of eyes to indicate the death of a character’ comment, seems significant now, as if to suggest the magical world one arrives in by leaving behind the ego or by exiting the reality matrix. Either way, the syncronicities point strongly enough for me to pay attention…

The point of this? Merely to record it while it’s fresh in my head. To mark it, so that I don’t forget. After all… isn’t X meant to mark the spot?

Wikipedia definition: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X

Uses of X

  • Apart from being a part of the Latin alphabet, “X” the letter is a Roman numeral representing 10.
  • In mathematics it is commonly used as the name for an independent variable. As a result it is often used to represent unknowns in other circumstances (e.g. Person X, Place X, etc.(see Malcolm X)).
  • X-rays are so called because their discoverer did not know what they were.
  • X has been used as a namesake for a generation of humans: Generation X, commonly abbreviated to Gen X.
  • It is the Generation born after the Baby Boom ended, ranging from 1961 to 1981.
  • It may also be used to signify the multiplication operation when a more appropriate glyph is unavailable.
  • It is commonly used in correspondence along with the letter O to indicate affection (as in “XOXO”-the X’s representing kisses and the Os hugs).
  • X is used by the illiterate in lieu of a signature and indicates a signature line on forms.
  • In cartoons, Xs are drawn instead of eyes to indicate the death of a character.
  • X is commonly used as a generic mark (selecting an item on a form, indicating a location on a map, etc.).
  • X-Box – sixth-generation video game console manufactured by Microsoft.
  • X-Men is based on a  superhero team in the Marvel Comics Universe. They were created by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby.
  • The X-Files is an American science fiction television series and a part of The X-Files franchise, created by screenwriter Chris Carter.
  • XXX an identifier for pornography, especially X-rated movies.
  • X Factor is a British television singing competition contested by aspiring singers drawn from public auditions, which started in September 2004.
  • XXX, 666 in Pythagorean numerology.
  • Games of the XXX Olympiad, the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, England.
  • XXX, a shortened version of “XXXL”, a plus size clothing size.
  • Triple X (professional wrestling), a former wrestling stable in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.
  • The British Prime Minister resides at number ‘X’ Downing Street.

X Logos & Images…

History of X

In Ancient Greek, ‹Χ› and ‹Ψ› were among several variants of the same letter, used originally for /kʰ/ and later, in western areas such as Arcadia, as a simplification of the digraph ‹ΧΣ› for /ks/. In the end, more conservative eastern forms became the standard of Classical Greek, and thus ‹Χ› (Chi) stands for /kʰ/ (later /x/). However, the Etruscans had taken over ‹Χ› from western Greek, and it therefore stands for /ks/ in Etruscan and Latin.

The letter ‹Χ› ~ ‹Ψ› for /kʰ/ was a Greek addition to the alphabet, placed after the Semitic letters along with phi ‹Φ› for /pʰ/. (The variant ‹Ψ› later replaced the digraph ‹ΦΣ› for /ps/; omega was a later addition.) There has been much mostly fruitless debate about the origins of these added letters.

Below is the DVD case design I did for the ARC Convention presentations. These are available from the ARC website and at the venue. They are also available to watch on YouTube.

Several years ago I worked with The Bombay Dub Orchestra to produce a music video for their track called ‘Feel’. They were kind enough to give me full, creative reign and so over the course of two months the animation below was the result.

The video was entirely hand drawn and animated using Macromedia Flash and although this was a lengthy process, its aim of  maintaining  an organic quality was achieved. I hope you enjoy it…

It’s the most incredible experience to find new truths and realizations emerging within yourself. For those of you who have not taken to what the Buddhists call ‘The Path of Equiry’, truth may be merely nothing more than what you could surmise as indisputable fact. But truth, I am now coming to understand, is simply what you believe at the time. Belief and truth have a close association and resonate in union to create power and it’s this power that we use to create or manifest our desires.

Simply put, ‘The Path of Inquiry’ is the process of answering internal questions about life and its meaning. One of the questions that I came to ask at the beginning of my journey was ‘why don’t more people in our society wonder what its all about?’. I found it extraordinary that frequently the response to most of my searching questions was ‘Mish, you think too deeply’ or ‘Mate, it is just what it is, just get on with it!’

I remember as a child, the sense of wonder and magic of the natural world and the way that my imagination reacted to it. I have a strong memory of being nine years old, sat underneath a tree with roots protruding from the ground like a pile of gnarly wooden elbows, playing with a collection of plastic Smurfs. I used small twigs and stones to create miniature moss-thatched dwellings for my little blue friends and in turn, felt a deep sense of peace through that process of creation. Of course, back then I was a child and my mind had not yet become polluted by the fixed thoughts and ideals of the adult world and so as an experience, it was just simply fun.

As I moved into adulthood, simplicity gave way to questioning and the answers that were provided through the educational system and through society’s perception of reality, for a time put my mind at ease. As time went by though, I began to feel a dissatisfaction with the answers that I had been given, as though I had been handed a bottle of the most incredible wine and told never to remove the cork.

The journey of deeper questioning that I started three years ago has been a rocky, twisty and frequently painful road to travel, but the wisdom, truth, connection and love that it has shared with me, has filled me with the most profound sense of wonder and awe at the greater meaning of the experience we call life.

The world is changing day-to-day and more and more people are beginning to question the structure and fabric of our reality. There’s an emerging sense of the true value of our lives and I can only feel humble gratitude for the unseen force that is guiding us towards this greater perception of the majesty of truth.

Follow your heart, for it is the eyes of your soul and the gateway to finding you own sense of inner peace…

Several months ago I worked as the sole animator with Wonky Films, on a project called ‘Tower Hamlets’. Usually, I would keep my creative work out of this blog, but as its linked to ‘Community’, I thought I would shamelessly promote it! Enjoy… m

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