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I hadn’t published or updated this blog for quite a while, as I had been caught up doing other things ¬†for a while. Having got back into listening to RedIceCreations and catching up with all the most recent interviews, I found myself this evening watching this interview below with Freeman. It’s a long one (just under thee and a half hours) but by far and away one of his best. If you are new to conspiracy theories, alternative truth and secret societies, much of this will be new to you and will probably go way over your head but I encourage you to have an open mind and see it through.

Note: I suggest ignoring the first couple of minutes until you actually get to Freeman speaking…


The film follows two geeky guys who discover an intergalatic intruder has been living amongst the humans for 60 years. Paul has even been advising the government and the film industry, claiming DAVID DUCHOVNY‘s fictional role as Agent Mulder in The X Files was “my idea”.

But when the trio embark on a road trip, they form an unlikely bond. Simon said of his character: “Graham’s very sweet, he’s an innocent. “He’s a guy that can’t really function well in society because he’s very shy. “Paul enables him to have the confidence to ask a girl out… after he falls for one-eyed Ruth.”

Paul hits screens on Feb 14.


I have had quite a bit of feedback relating to this subject and so will try to continue to post additional articles and links. Here’s another relating to the pyramids of Earth…