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I have been listening and following RedIceCreations for about four years now and thought that I should repost an advert for it, for those who have not heard about or come across it yet. There really is no better online station out there for providing you with alternative radio and I highly recommend that you drop in, find an interview topic that sounds interesting and give it a listen.

I hadn’t published or updated this blog for quite a while, as I had been caught up doing other things  for a while. Having got back into listening to RedIceCreations and catching up with all the most recent interviews, I found myself this evening watching this interview below with Freeman. It’s a long one (just under thee and a half hours) but by far and away one of his best. If you are new to conspiracy theories, alternative truth and secret societies, much of this will be new to you and will probably go way over your head but I encourage you to have an open mind and see it through.

Note: I suggest ignoring the first couple of minutes until you actually get to Freeman speaking…

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The Transitional Alchemy Tour recordings are now available as a digital download. Over 12 hours of live audio recordings of Neil Kramer & KMO on transition, reality tunnels, singularities, the inner landscape, models of empowerment, social and personal transformation and paths to authenticity. Plus live Q&A sessions with audiences, bonus special guest discussion and photos.

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The history of this planet shows that people have been penalized for free thinking. We live in the greatest tyranny this world can hold. A tyranny that reaches far and colonizes space. We are being unaware of it because we’re being fed a story that is only a part of the truth.

A dark shroud has been cast over our consciousness, a darkness so vast that many of us are truly afraid to live. But sometimes the darkest challenges, the most difficult lessons, hold the greatest gems of light. Only in the darkness light can be seen. Like a beautiful star in the night sky.

Please click on the link below to visit the site and to hear Karen Sawyer’s latest interview:

Here’s acopy of the design inside his hoodie. (Strange place to have it – most of us normal people have the design on the outside, where people can see it!)

Gossip: Apparently… Mark Zuckerberg is a member of Alpha Epsilon Pi whose motto is “No one could tell me where my soul might be; I searched for G-d, but He eluded me; I sought my brother out and found all three.”

This is an excellent presentation by Stephen Fry regarding his views on the Catholic Church. WELL WORTH WATCHING!!!

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This is just a quick post relating to the film ‘A Clockwork Orange

I just noticed while writing my blog post of ‘Who is Simon Cowell’ (not live yet) , how the main character  (Alex) in the Stanley Kubrick film A Clockwork Orange has his right ‘eye’ highlighted. I’ve always just accepted this as part of the film’s weirdness or style. But could it be that Kubrick may have been making a reference towards the Illuminati’s ‘All Seeing Eye? ‘. This theory can also be backed up by the use of the pyramid in the film’s cover design.

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Here’s a news clip on Kubick’s life and death…

Note: Clearly Kubrick’s last work ‘Eyes Wide Shut‘ (before he died of a ‘heart attack’) was aimed at exposing some of the elements behind secret societies…

Article of interest:

Below is the DVD case design I did for the ARC Convention presentations. These are available from the ARC website and at the venue. They are also available to watch on YouTube.