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Incredible to think that this was 42 years ago…

While the concerns about Facebook are legitimate, I feel it’s important to remind oneself every now and then, that there are many daily messages/posts that are helping to spread the word about ways to stand up against the global banks. Here’s one such example…

This advertisement, while enjoyable to watch is so bang on, so blatant, so arrogant, it turns your stomach. Somebody told me the other day that the avarage human being spends 300 days outdoors in their lifetime. Whether or not it’s accurate isn’t hugely important as it throws into question, ‘just how much time do we spend indoors?’.

But that’s the point, isn’t it. Keep the people busy and distracted and they’ll be ignorant, dumbed-down and maluable. Mushie-mush…

And it’s not the only example of the blatantly peddling this crap. Remember this from so many years ago now…

What do you think….?

Have you heard of ‘Sphongle’?

Source: RedIceCreations

Anthony Antonello and Danny Panzella wait to ask Donald Rumsfeld if he ever found that $2.3 Trillion that he said was unaccounted for at a press conference the day before 9/11. It turns out it was always there. There just was some problems tracking it. Yeah,…right!!


Date: February 22nd 20011

NZ earthquake death toll at 75 as search continues…

CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand – Some screamed from inside collapsed buildings. One woman used her mobile phone to call her children to say goodbye. Others tapped on the rubble to communicate with those on the outside. Search teams used their bare hands, dogs, heavy cranes and earth movers Wednesday to pull 120 survivors from the rubble of a powerful earthquake in one of New Zealand’s largest cities. Officials raised the death toll to at least 75, with 300 others listed as missing.

As rescuers dug through the crumbled concrete, twisted metal and huge mounds of brick across Christchurch, officials feared that the death toll could rise further, ranking the 6.3-magnitude earthquake among the island nation’s worst in 80 years. “There are bodies littering the streets, they are trapped in cars, crushed under rubble and where they are clearly deceased our focus … has turned to the living,” police Superintendent Russell Gibson said.

Prime Minister John Key said at a news conference that 75 people were confirmed to have been killed, with 55 of them identified. He declared a state of national emergency, giving the government wider powers to take control of a rescue and recovery operation that was growing by the hour. Rescuers are concentrating on at least a dozen buildings that collapsed or were badly damaged. In one of the worst, a camera inserted into the rubble showed images of people still alive, Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker said. He said 120 people were rescued from wrecked buildings, while more bodies were also recovered. Some survivors emerged without a scratch, while others had to have a limb amputated before they could be freed.

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‘It is not wrong to sell arms’, says David Cameron as he defends sale of weapons to Middle East.

Date: 23rd February 2011

David Cameron last night defied mounting criticism over his arms mission to the Middle East – declaring that Britain has ‘nothing to be ashamed of’ for selling weapons to Arab leaders. The Prime Minister accused his critics of being ‘at odds with reality’ after he was condemned for taking eight arms manufacturers on his tour of the Gulf. They were invited to join his trip despite concerns that British-made equipment had been used by the Gaddafi regime to suppress unrest in Libya.

But yesterday an angry Mr Cameron said he could not understand why anyone would oppose his attempts to boost British defence sales in such a volatile region. In a speech to the Kuwaiti parliament, he admitted that past British governments had miscalculated in their policy of propping up brutal dictators in the region. But his warm words on peace and democracy have been overshadowed by the disclosure that his delegation contains bosses from such arms firms as BAe Systems, Thales UK, Atkins and Qinetiq.

Marking the 20th anniversary of Kuwait’s liberation from Saddam Hussein’s forces, Mr Cameron said: ‘A properly regulated trade in defence is nothing we should be ashamed of. ‘The fact that there are British defence companies on this visit – BAe, Thales and others – is perfectly right in this regard.’ The Foreign Office has already revoked a series of export licences for Libya and Bahrain in the wake of the crackdowns on protesters in those countries. But Mr Cameron said it was right to do business with allies such as Kuwait.

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This is another brilliant Adam Curtis documentary originally produced for the BBC. It talks about the modern political realities, where the policies came from and the massive failures of those ideals and how they have ended up exactly where they did not want to be. This episode focuses on the 1990’s and how the politicians decided to apply the model of a free market economy to the rest of society and consequences of these actions being felt all over the world in wesetern democracy’s.

Click on the links below to watch the series:

The Trap   1  –  F**k You Buddy

The Trap  2  –  The Lonely Robot

The Trap  3  –  We Will Force You to Be Free



It seems as if every month now there’s at least one earthquake somewhere in the world, that’s devastating people lives and their communities. Recently, many visitors to this blog have used it to find out a little more information about the Richter Scale.

Here’s another link to a resource that may be helpful or of interest to you. It’s a interactive map from the US Geological Survey and earthquake monitors Iris shows every quake for the past two weeks. It’s constantly updated – and the centre provides complete datasets too. Please click on the link below:


Dr.Judy Wood’s book  ‘Where did the towers go?’ For more information, please go to:

Solar flares herald rare glimpses of northern lights over UK.


Date: Thursday 17 February 2011

The surface of the Sun (above) erupts with dazzling solar flares that form giant, glowing loops reaching tens of thousands of kilometres into space.

Solar flares are the most violent explosions in the solar system and each releases as much energy as a hundred million hydrogen bombs. Earth-sized regions of the Sun’s corona soar to temperatures of 20 million Celsius during the convulsions.

This image, captured by Nasa’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), shows a storm brewing on the surface of the Sun over the past week. On Tuesday, satellites recorded the most powerful solar flare in four years erupting from a massive sunspot.

The storm generated at least three solar flares, the most intense of which was detected at 1.56am GMT on Tuesday. The x-class flare, the most powerful of all solar events, came from a growing active region called 1158 in the Sun’s southern hemisphere.

The bright flashes were accompanied by coronal mass ejections, which blasted billions of tonnes of material towards the Earth at 900 kilometres a second. The rush of particles could light up the night sky with a spectacular aurora borealis, but cloud cover and the brightness of the moon may obscure the view.

The British Geological Survey said displays of the northern lights had already been seen further south than usual, in Northern Ireland and elsewhere in the UK. The celestial light show occurs when cosmic particles hit the upper atmosphere and are steered to the poles by the Earth’s magnetic field, colliding with other particles.

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Inside Job: how bankers caused the financial crisis.


Date: Thursday 17 February 2011

When Michael Moore made his debut feature, Roger and Me, he set about vilifying the boss of General Motors, the now deceased Roger B Smith, for destroying his home town of Flint, Michigan. Charles Ferguson’s film Inside Job attempts to blame a wider cast list for the banking crash of 2008 and explains why so little has been done to reform the financial world or bring criminal prosecutions against the main protagonists.

His villainous lineup includes bankers, politicians (many of whom were previously bankers), regulators, the credit ratings agencies and academics. When Glenn Hubbard, George Bush’s chief economic adviser and dean of Columbia Business School, is shown as a partisan advocate of deregulation, we have one of the movie’s punch-the-air moments. During the interview, Hubbard, who denies he was corrupted by his paid-for relationships with government, angrily barks: “You’ve got five minutes, mister. Give it your best shot.”

The spotlight has largely bypassed academics in the UK. There are plenty of economists who believed the banks understood what they were doing and supported deregulation. Whether they took large slugs of cash for writing poorly researched, cheerleading reports on the economic miracle in Iceland (pre-crash), as former US central banker Frederic Mishkin is found doing, is less clear. Over here, the relationship between academia and business appears to be more arm’s length, though London Business School dean Sir Andrew Likierman sits on the Barclays board, while Howard Davies, who argued for light-touch regulation while head of the Financial Services Authority, has become director of the London School of Economics. The UK’s chief villian, however, is probably the disgraced, but largely unpunished, banker Sir Fred Goodwin, the former boss of Royal Bank of Scotland, once the fifth-largest bank in the world.

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Date: Thursday 17 February 2011

Banksy targets LA ahead of Oscars

Banksy is on the loose in Hollywood. That’s the theory, anyway, as Banksy-style graffiti artworks have sprung up across Los Angeles – just as the voters for the Academy Awards are getting ready to cast their ballots.

With the final deadline for Oscar poll on Tuesday 22 February, the supposition is that Banksy – if indeed it is he – is drumming up publicity for his film Exit Through the Gift Shop, which is a contender in the best documentary category.

Reports began to emerge on 15 February that Banksy’s work had appeared in various locations across the city. The first to be photographed and posted was an image of child soldier holding a machine gun that fired crayon bullets. Later that day, spotters noticed a drawing of Charlie Brown smoking a cigarette while pouring fuel out of a petrol can – situated on the side of a burnt-out building.

The sightings were later confirmed as genuine pieces when photographs were posted on Banksy’s own website, along with other images including Pissing Dog, in which a stencilled image of a canine was drawn on a wall at one end of a long streak of yellow paint in the shape of a crashing profit curve.


The most controversial work, however, was that on a billboard directly opposite the Directors Guild of America HQ on Sunset Boulevard. A poster advertising The Light Group – a property, nightclub and restaurant developer – was stencilled over with images of a cocktail-guzzling Mickey Mouse grasping a woman’s breast. As the poster was being removed, an altercation broke out between workmen and a man who repeatedly claimed the poster was his “property” – presumably triggered by the fact that authentic Banksy works are of massive commercial value. A video of the incident was posted on

A representative of The Light Group later said: “We were flattered Banksy tagged on our ad – it was epic.”


Date:  Thursday 17 February, 2011.

Forest sell-off: ‘People power’ forced U-turn, say campaigners.

Plans to sell England’s forests attracted cross-party opposition and sparked a public outcry.

Campaigners have hailed the “people power” which has forced the government to abandon plans to privatise England’s public forests. The news that Caroline Spelman, the environment secretary, would announce a halt to the consultation into proposals to sell thousands of hectares of woodland was welcomed by grassroots campaigners and conservation charities. David Cameron heralded the about-turn at prime minister’s questions yesterday, when he stated bluntly that he was unhappy with the policy.

The proposals put out for consultation last month detail measures to dispose of up to 100% of England’s 258,000 hectare public forest estate, which is currently managed by the Forestry Commission, over the next 10 years. They included a £250m sale of leaseholds for commercially valuable forests to timber companies, measures to allow communities, charities and even local authorities to buy or lease woods and plans to transfer well-known “heritage” woods such as the New Forest into the hands of charities. But the proposals attracted cross-party opposition and sparked a public outcry, with critics arguing they threatened public access and wildlife.

Campaign group 38 Degrees started a Save Our Forests petition which attracted more than 532,000 signatures. David Babbs, executive director, said: “Some people say signing petitions and emailing MPs never changes anything, but it did this time. “This is what people power looks like, and over half a million of us are feeling very proud of what we’ve achieved together today. “We will keep watching David Cameron to make sure he keeps his word. But right now it looks like fantastic news for all of us who want to keep our forests safe in public hands for future generations.”

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George H.W. Bush Receives Medal of ‘Freedom’

More rediculous  and offensive ceremonial pomp churned out by the elite’s media. ‘For services rendered to the Corporation of America’ – (not the people)

President Barack Obama honored former President George H.W. Bush this afternoon with the nation’s highest civilian award, the Medal of Freedom, at an emotional White House ceremony.

“His life is a testament that public service is a noble calling,” Obama said. “We celebrate an extraordinary life of service and of sacrifice.”

Bush, 86, smiled and wiped his eyes a few times during the ceremony in the East Room, packed with cameras, senators, Cabinet members and most of Bush’s immediate family, along with friends and family of other medal recipients.

Obama spoke of Bush’s “humility and decency” and a career of service that spanned seven decades, from “decorated Navy pilot who nearly gave his life in World War II to U.S. ambassador to the United Nations , from CIA director to U.S. envoy to China to the vice presidency.”

New World Order – Bush senior’s speach….

If you have been wanting to have your own website but have been afraid of development and maintenance costs, I have a suggestion for you.

I recently stumbled acrsoss a website called Here they provide an online service that allows to build your own Flash website with a minimum of fuss. For a small fee you can also bolt on an e-commerce widget, that will allow you to build your own online store or add PayPal buttons. Don’t be fooled into thinking by their logo, that this is gimicky.  It’s actually really rather good and can (hopefully) only get better with customer feedback.

I am currently in the process of redesigning my website ( and have come to view as the tool I have been waiting for. I had just been getting to grips with Macromedia Flash’s Actionscript 2, when Actionscript 3 appeared having radically updated the programming language, making what I had learnt out of date. Wix is a purely front end development tool that allows the user to design their website without having to know all the code and the great thing is, is it’s packed with animated buttons, widgets, icons etc, that you can not only drag and drop, but customise to suit your style or needs.

It’s easy to get to grips with and enables the user to publish the site immediately, without the need for a seperate  FTP client. This makes it a doddle to update and puts you in the driver’s seat in terms of keeping the site up to date, without the need to outsource to work to an expensive design firm. Check it out…

‘The Hornblower’


Can you feel the change?

Here is my latest background design for the ARC2 DVD cover  (they’ll be available to buy at the conference in Bath, on the 19th/20th February, 2011)

Henrick from RedIceCreations hosts a facinating interview with Tom Campbell on Thinking Outside the Box, Technological Revolution, Entities & The Unconscious Mind.

Click here to visit RedIceCreations..

How good is this tune?!!

cymatics and use of frequencies to manipulate material, some say this is used as a modern weapon discreetly, and for other purposes.